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Criminals can build Web dossiers with data collected by browsers

Everybody knows by now that websites collect information about users’ location, visited pages, and other data that can help them improve or monetize the experience. But …

What is a security data lake?

The concepts of the data lake and the specialized security data lake are relatively new. While data lakes have a bit of a head start in adoption – largely among data science …

Proxmox Mail Gateway
New infosec products of the week​: January 26, 2018

Empowering security teams with unlimited security data collection, indexing and search Exabeam Data Lake centralizes all relevant logs to reduce the work of collecting logs …

Shark or not? 3 real-life security scenarios and how to tell which will really bite

We’ve just wrapped one of my favorite weeks of television, Shark Week. Viewers were treated to show after show of sharks stalking and attacking helpless victims. In most …

magnifying glass
User behavior analytics: The equalizer for under-staffed security teams

In a perfect world, security professionals would see a few alerts, recognize the pattern, identify the malware and the hacker, and solve the problem – all with only a few …

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