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70% of financial service providers are implementing API security

Financial service providers, such as banks and credit card companies, use a vast amount of APIs, which makes them an attractive target for threat actors. That’s why API …

Digital transformation leaders reaping the fruits of their investments

Financial services firms who invested in next-gen technologies and continued their digital transformation push in 2021 are already experiencing the positive effects of these …

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As digital shopping surges, researchers predict 8 million daily attacks

Arkose Labs released new data on the latest fraud trends, revealing increased threats during the holidays, rising bot attacks, and a resurgence in attacks on travel companies. …

Companies that facilitate ransomware payments risk violating US sanctions

Companies that ransomware-hit US organizations hire to facilitate the paying of the ransom are at risk of breaking US sanctions, falling afoul of the US Department of the …

Database monitoring improves DevOps success for financial services orgs

The financial services sector is outperforming other industries, both in its adoption of database DevOps, and its use of monitoring to track database performance and …

Data crisis: Companies pivot from disruption to transformation

Only 10% of organizations are using data effectively for transformational purposes, according to NTT DATA Services. While 79% of organizations recognize the strategic value of …

Financial services leading the way in adopting DevOps, still hurdles remain

Businesses in financial services are ahead of the government sector in adopting DevOps to increase their speed of development and free up developer time, but hurdles still …

Phishers target investment brokers, aim for Office, SharePoint login credentials

Phishers are trying to trick investment brokers into sharing their Microsoft Office or SharePoint login credentials by impersonating FINRA, a non-governmental organization …

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