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Fujitsu finds malware on company systems, investigates possible data breach

Fujitsu Limited, the largest Japanese IT services provider, has announced that several of the company’s computers have been compromised with malware, leading to a …

Blackwood APT delivers malware by hijacking legitimate software update requests

ESET researchers have discovered NSPX30, a sophisticated implant used by a new China-aligned APT group, which they dubbed Blackwood. Blackwood has carried out cyberespionage …

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Cybersecurity layoffs in 2023: What to expect?

The economic downturn predicted for 2023 will lead to layoffs but cybersecurity workers will be least affected, says the latest (ISC)² report. Also, as soon as things get …

Cyberstalking tendencies in modern day relationships

One-third of adults who have been in a romantic relationship admit to cyberstalking their current or former partners, a special addendum to the 2021 Norton Cyber Safety …

(ISC)2 and NTT-AT partner to bring cybersecurity training to Japan

(ISC)2 – the world’s largest nonprofit association of certified cybersecurity professionals – announced an expansion of its strategic partnership with NTT Advanced Technology …

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