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Micropatches: What they are and how they work

In this Help Net Security video, Mitja Kolsek, CEO at Acros Security, discusses micropatches, a solution to a huge security problem. With micropatches, there are no reboots or …

Micropatches block exploitation of Windows zero-days under attack

While we wait for Microsoft to provide fixes for the two new Windows RCE zero-days that are being exploited in “limited targeted Windows 7 based attacks,” ACROS …

Internet Explorer
Micropatch simulates workaround for recent zero-day IE flaw, removes negative side effects

ACROS Security has released a micropatch that implements the workaround for a recently revealed actively exploited zero-day RCE flaw affecting Internet Explorer …

0patch releases micropatch for Windows Contacts RCE zero-day

ACROS Security, the creators of 0patch, have released a micropatch for a recently revealed zero-day RCE flaw affecting Windows. About the vulnerability and the micropatch …

0patch releases micropatch for Windows Task Scheduler zero-day

Earlier this week a security researcher that goes by “SandboxEscaper” published details and a PoC exploit for a zero-day local privilege escalation vulnerability …

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