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How to protect IP surveillance cameras from Wi-Fi jamming

Gone are the days of criminals cutting camera wires to evade detection: with the proliferation of affordable internet-connected cameras, burglars must resort to Wi-Fi jamming. …

Eyes everywhere: How to safely navigate the IoT video revolution

Cameras are coming to a connected device near you. Cheap image sensors from old mobile phones are flooding the market and bringing video to the Internet of Things (IoT). …

India-China relations will define the IoT landscape in 2023

Tensions between two of the biggest producers of connected (IoT) devices are coming to a head, and will be changing the IoT landscape in 2023. In recent months, India and …

IoT device origin matters more than ever

Recently, British politicians called on the government to crack down on the use of surveillance equipment from two Chinese companies, Hikvision and Dahua, which are already …

smart thermostat
Don’t lose control of your smart thermostat this winter

Winter is coming and the energy crisis is upon us. With rocketing prices and dwindling supply, much of the western world is bracing for three cold months beset by …

The age of AI-powered devices at the edge

The vast amount of data constantly collected by the billions of sensors and devices that make up the IoT can pose a serious processing challenge for businesses that rely on …

What you need to know about transatlantic data transfers

Where does data live and who can access it? This seemingly simple question is, in fact, incredibly complex in the cloud era, as servers often reside abroad and regional data …

medical devices
Connected medical devices brought security loopholes mainstream

The increasing demand for self-health management, coupled with the digitalization of the modern healthcare ecosystem, translates into a medical connected devices market that …

smartphone isolation
How smartphones became IoT’s best friend and worst enemy

These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find connected devices that do not come with companion smartphone applications. In fact, it’s very common for contemporary devices to …

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