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How are state-sponsored threat actors leveraging AI?

Microsoft and OpenAI have identified attempts by various state-affiliated threat actors to use large language models (LLMs) to enhance their cyber operations. Threat actors …

Latio Application Security Tester
Latio Application Security Tester: Use AI to scan your code

Latio Application Security Tester is an open-source tool that enables the usage of OpenAI to scan code from the CLI for security and health issues. Features and future plans …

artificial intelligence
What custom GPTs mean for the future of phishing

OpenAI is putting more power into the hands of users of GenAI, allowing them to create their custom AI agents without writing code. These custom GPTs are the latest leap …

6 free artificial intelligence TED Talks you can watch right now

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a fragment of futuristic imagination – it’s redefining the fabric of our daily experiences and corporate strategies. The …

White House
White House launches AI Cyber Challenge to make software more secure

The Biden-Harris Administration has launched a major two-year competition using AI to protect the United States’ most important software, such as code that helps run the …

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