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66.1% of vulnerabilities published through Q3 2018 have a documented solution

There have been 16,172 vulnerabilities disclosed through October 29th, which is a 7% decrease from the high record reported last year at this time. The 16,172 vulnerabilities …

10,644 vulnerabilities disclosed in the first half of 2018

There have been 10,644 vulnerabilities disclosed through June 30th, according to Risk Based Security’s 2018 Mid Year VulnDB QuickView report. This is the highest number …

OpenEMR vulnerabilities put patients’ info, medical records at risk

A slew of vulnerabilities in OpenEMR allowed attackers to access random patients’ health records, view data from a target database, escalate their privileges on the …

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Vulnerability research and responsible disclosure: Advice from an industry veteran

“Everything changes once you have to supervise and mentor and schedule and coordinate and keep in mind all the things others don’t. You often have to hold back your own …

Exploring the dynamics of the attacker economy

Global software companies are increasingly turning to attackers for help identifying security vulnerabilities in their offerings – and they’re not the only ones. Conservative …

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Hacker-powered security is reaching critical mass

HackerOne announced findings from the 2018 Hacker-Powered Security Report, based on over 72,000 resolved security vulnerabilities, 1,000 customer programs and more than $31 …

How to improve software vulnerability disclosure in Europe

As software gets embedded in more and more things we use every day, the problem of software vulnerability reporting and patching rises in importance. Unfortunately, only a few …

Researcher hacks smart fingerprint padlock in mere seconds

The Tapplock one “smart” padlock, which received many rave reviews by tech-focused news sites and YouTubers, can be forced to open in under two seconds with a …

Crowdsourced security trends: Payouts to hackers increase

Bugcrowd has released the 2018 Bugcrowd State of Bug Bounty Report, which analyzes proprietary platform data collected from more than 700 crowdsourced security programs …

The pace of vulnerability disclosure shows no signs of slowing

Unless the pace of vulnerability disclosure slows down in the coming quarters, we are looking at yet another record-breaking year, according to Risk Based Security’s …

Hacking for fun and profit: How one researcher is making IoT device makers take security seriously

We should all be so lucky to enjoy our work as much as Ken Munro does. Generally attracted by research that “looks fun” and particularly interested in probing the …

Netflix, Dropbox promise not to sue security researchers, with caveats

Netflix and Dropbox have both noted recently that they won’t sue security researchers who find and disclose vulnerabilities in their products. The only caveat is: the …

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