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web application security

Python-based attack tools are the most common vector for launching exploit attempts

Hackers have an obvious predilection for Python-based attack tools, says Imperva. “When examining the use of Python in attacks against sites we protect, the result was …

Qualys CertView
Qualys Community Edition: Discover IT assets, manage vulnerabilities, scan web apps

In this podcast recorded at Black Hat USA 2018, Anthony Mogannam, Product Manager, SME/SMB Solutions at Qualys, talks about issues related to open source software and Qualys …

3d printing
Access misconfiguration opens 3D printers to remote attacks

Spurred by a report coming from a regular reader, SANS ISC handlers Richard Porter and Xavier Mertens searched for OctoPrint interfaces for 3D printers exposed online and …

Data from 316 million real-world attacks in AWS and Azure environments

In evaluating 316 million incidents, tCell found it clear that attacks against the application are growing in volume and sophistication, and as such, continue to be a major …

Same web-based vulnerabilities still prevalent after nine years

Analysis of vulnerabilities discovered by NCC Group researchers over the last nine years found that instances of common web-based vulnerabilities have largely refused to fall …

Automating web app testing to secure your environment

In this podcast recorded at RSA Conference 2018, Dave Ferguson, Director, Product Management for Web Application Security at Qualys, talks about the challenges and benefits of …

Infrastructure-agnostic web app protection with virtual patching option

Signal Sciences announced the latest innovations for its Web Protection Platform. Its patented architecture provides security, operations and development teams with the …

Qualys brings web application security to DevOps

Qualys announced new functionality in its web application security offerings that helps teams automate and operationalize global DevSecOps throughout the Software Development …

Wire shares results of independent security audit of its secure messaging apps

When I last spoke to Alan Duric, co-founder and (at the time) CEO of the company developing secure messaging application Wire, he stressed the importance of independent and …

Fox IT
Security company Fox-IT reveals, details MitM attack they suffered in September

Dutch IT security consultancy/service provider Fox-IT has revealed on Thursday that it has suffered a security breach, which resulted in some files and emails sent by the …

Bot-driven web traffic and its application security impact

New research conducted by the Ponemon Institute, which focused on such highly targeted industries as retail, healthcare and financial services, exposes the proliferation of …

Equifax breach: Sensitive info, SSNs of 44% of U.S. consumers accessed by attackers

Equifax, one of the three largest American credit agencies, has announced that it has suffered a “cybersecurity incident” affecting some 143 million U.S. …

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