GlobalSign Partners With E-Telbank

GlobalSign, a leading Trust Services Provider for Internet-based transactions, is signing today a partnership with E-Telbank, a new company owned for 100% by BPT Telbank, number one data network operator in Poland, providing telecommunication services for the Polish banking and financial sector. This new partnership enables E-Telbank to issue different types of certificates to all Telbank customers setting through GlobalSign MyVirtualCA(tm) solution. My VirtualCA(tm) is a customised Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solution that delivers Certification Authority (CA) capabilities to the customer, tailored to address Telbank’s unique PKI-requirements. This solution will be implemented as a first stage of the Strategic Licensing ProgramTM. With this partnership, GlobalSign realises its first steps on the Polish market and acquires hence an important opening to Central and East-European market. Moreover, the partnership confirms the success of outsourced PKI solutions to the financial sector. This major contract represents a starting value of 200.000 Euro and is set to grow significantly as the amount of delivered certificates will increase rapidly.

Strategic Licensing ProgramTM

Telbank has opted for a Strategic Licensing ProgramTM that is implemented in two faces. The first stage will be the setting up of MyVirtualCATM solution and the second step is the implementation of a dedicated CA platform. The Strategic Licensing ProgramTM allows E-Telbank to deliver certificates inside its financial market without being limited to any geopolitical boundaries. Moreover, it can be used inside a sector without any limitations (universal character of the CA). This means that it is integrated into standard software and hardware. My VirtualCATM is GlobalSign’s customised PKI-solution that delivers CA-capabilities to a customer, tailored to address its unique PKI-requirements. My VirtualCA(tm) allows E-Telbank to issue its own Privately Branded Certificates in a dedicated user group setting, using customer-defined PKI-parameters, while leveraging on GlobalSign’s back-end technical, legal and organisational expertise. This PKI-solution is suitable for customers with particular PKI-needs that extend beyond the scope of a standardised solution.

Opening to Central and East-European market

“Through the deal with Telbank we are expanding our “Network of Trust” in Poland. Furthermore, we are also creating an important opening to Central and East-European market where we are currently analysing another four deals in the pipeline in the same vertical market,” adds Henry Minassian, Managing Director of GlobalSign. GlobalSign is nowadays present in more than 20 countries throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Mr Dariusz Gacon, President of Management Board of E-Telbank expresses his vision of the deal: “In order to provide our customers with digital certificates of appropriate quality, E-Telbank establishes co-operation with GlobalSign. Through acquiring accreditation from GlobalSign we join the GlobalSign’ Network of Trust where certificates are mutually accepted in over 20 countries, in particular European Union countries”.

GlobalSign’ Strategic Partner ProgramTM combined with outsourced PKI solution (MyVirtualCA) is perfect for banks, mainly for four reasons. Firstly, GlobalSign possesses a secure infrastructure (Secure Vault) that meets all the same requirements as any banks secure infrastructure. Secondly, many banks do not have directly available such adapted secure rooms, PKI specialists… Therefore, an outsourced solution is an ideal answer for the management of their PKI infrastructure. Thirdly, GlobalSign’s outsourced solution offers the customer the opportunity to control its customised solution without having to invest a great sum of money in its own infrastructure and specialists. And fourthly, the Strategic License Program TM offers a universal recognition to the CA, in this case E-Telbank. BPT Telbank and E-Telbank Telbank (Bankowe Przedsiebiorstwo Telekomunikacyjne “Telbank” SA), with headquarters in Warsaw, is a joint stock company set up by Polish banks that has been operating on the telecommunication market since September 1992. The consortium specializes in providing telecommunication services for the Polish banking and financial sector. Telbank provides servicing of SORBNET and ELIXIR inter-bank clearing systems, and has also launched the Integrated Access Network for electronic banking. The latter enables accomplishing bank services for home banking and office banking type, as well as servicing points of sale with credit/payment cards. At present Telbank employs nearly 300 specialists in Warsaw and 17 regional centres, and provides services for about 100 banks and financial institutions as well as their 200 branches. E-Telbank Ltd, the Centre of Electronic Banking and Financial Services, will provide value-added information services to banking and financial sector in Poland, in particular public-key certification services. Nowadays, E-Telbank already has 21 employees. The intention of Telbank and the new company is to create the strategic co-operation with GlobalSign based on the rules we have already agreed.


GlobalSign, founded in 1996, is a fast-growing international Trust Services Provider, headquartered in Brussels. GlobalSign is active worldwide as a Certification Authority and offers online services for creating and managing digital certificates for signed/sealed e-mail messaging and for fully authenticated and confidential e-commerce. GlobalSign develops flexible corporate PKI-solutions for all types of companies, and offers various certification applications such as m-commerce security, WAP, trust labels and timestamping. GlobalSign is developing a pan-European network of trust throughout Europe, Asia and America. Today GlobalSign is present in Benelux, France, Germany, UK, Italy, India and Chile, amongst others, and it continually integrates other partners in and outside Europe into this network (now 20 countries). GlobalSign is also the official Certification Authority for the European Commission and works with strategic partners such as Microsoft, Netscape, PricewaterhouseCoopers, IBM Global Network, Siemens Nixdorf and Oracle. GlobalSign’s shareholders are Vodafone Group Plc (40%), Ubizen (16.7%), ING Barings (9%), Bruficom (8%), GIMV (8%), Technicom (8%) and KBC Bank (4%).

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