ICSA Labs Certification Validates Firewall Security for eSoft’s InstaGate EX

BROOMFIELD, Colo., April 23 /PRNewswire Interactive News Release/ — eSoft Inc. (Nasdaq: ESFT) a leading provider of Internet security appliances that include firewall and VPN for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), announced today that its InstaGate EX Internet security appliance and its downloadable Firewall Policy Manager SoftPak passed ICSA Lab’s strict certification requirements for firewall functionality and security.

“With the certification program that sets the standards for commercial security products, ICSA Lab’s goal is to build trust in quality security devices like the InstaGate EX,” said Brian Monkman, technical program manager for ICSA Labs, a division of TruSecure Corporation. “This program assures end users that ICSA Lab’s certified products reduce security risks consistent with a set of publicly evaluated and industry accepted criteria.”

ICSA Labs requires participants to conform to the latest version of its Firewall Product Certification Criteria. They regularly update the criteria based on advances in firewall technology and input from leading firewall vendors. In order to maintain certification, participants in the program must keep up with the changing criteria by pursuing technological improvements. “We realize that technology is progressive. That’s why we strive to find applications such as the easily downloadable Firewall Policy Manager that increase the functionality of our product and keeps us at the forefront of technological evolution,” said Dave Aylesworth, product manager for the InstaGate EX security appliance. “Becoming ICSA Labs certified validates our commitment to innovation and to creating quality products and exemplifies the advances we continue to make with the InstaGate EX product line.”

With a single touch of a button through eSoft’s patent-pending SoftPak Director, SMEs can customize their network security by downloading the Firewall Policy Manager onto their InstaGate EX. This highly evolved firewall is configured with a comprehensive set of security rules to keep a company’s LAN safe from hackers while providing easy access to authorized personnel. The Firewall Policy Manager works by providing application gateways for popular Internet protocols, allowing network administrators to fine-tune a user’s access to the Internet, logging potential network intrusions, tracking network activity and adding encrypted administration options to stop password theft.

The Firewall Policy Manager is one of several SoftPaks available from eSoft. Other SoftPaks include Anti-Virus, SpamFilter and SiteFilter.

About eSoft Inc.

eSoft Inc. was founded in 1984 with headquarters in Broomfield, Colo. eSoft provides a flexible, customizable and expandable product suite, enabling rapid delivery of Internet security appliances for small to medium enterprises. eSoft’s family of products provides businesses with firewall protection, VPN and other security software and services. Contact eSoft at 295 Interlocken Blvd., #500, Broomfield, Colo., 80021, USA; 303-444-1600 phone; 303-444-1640 fax; http://www.esoft.com.

About TruSecure Corporation

TruSecure Corporation is a worldwide leader in Internet security. TruSecure’s comprehensive security assurance programs are used by hundreds of Internet-connected companies worldwide. TruSecure’s ICSA Labs is the security industry’s central authority for intelligence, research, and product testing, certifying more than 95 percent of the market’s anti-virus software, network firewalls, cryptography and IPSec products. TruSecure Media Group consists of Information Security Magazine, the leading industry publication with more than 50,000 subscribers; NTBugtraq, the leading online source of Microsoft-related security intelligence; and TruSecure.com’s security destination Web site. For more information about TruSecure Corporation and its capabilities, visit http://www.trusecure.com.

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