ServGate Technologies Unveils SG2000 Carrier-Class Network Security Gateway

Built on Next-Generation Network Processor Technology, World’s Fastest Firewall Meets Stringent Security Needs of Service Providers and Large Enterprises

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 16 /PRNewswire/ — ServGate Technologies, Inc., a pioneer in next generation network processor-based security gateways, today unveiled a network security gateway designed to meet the rigorous demands of service providers and large enterprises, the ServGate SG2000. The ServGate SG2000 is an all-in-one security device that supports gigabit wire-speed stateful inspection firewall and 3DES IPSec VPN performance. Based on next-generation network processor technology, the SG2000 meets the rigorous performance, availability, and scalability demands of today’s rapidly changing network security environment.

Secure, Fast, Reliable

Based on stateful inspection technology, the SG2000 provides complete firewall functions as well as extensive protection against network attacks. As for performance, the SG2000’s FireFlex Network Processor architecture offers full 1 Gbps full-duplex firewall performance, processing up to 2,960,000 packets per second, with as many as 500,000 concurrent sessions and 20,000 IPSec VPN tunnels. And finally, redundancy has been implemented throughout the system, from power supplies and hot-swappable fan tray to disk mirroring, redundant ports and more. SG2000’s High-Availability mode also allows it to be configured in a fully fault-tolerant configuration to protect against network and equipment failure.

“ServGate is the first company to use this new network processor architecture,” said Jeff Wilson, executive director at Infonetics Research. “The SG2000 offers performance exceeding hard-coded ASIC solutions, but also the flexibility to adapt easily to security standards, which change frequently.”

“With the onslaught of viruses, hacking and denial of service attacks, security has obviously become a top concern for service providers and enterprises alike,” said Rick Schaffzin, president and CEO for ServGate. “Our architecture ensures the highest level of performance available on the market, and offers reliability, scalability, high availability, and manageability.”

Virtual Gateways

For service providers offering managed security services, the SG2000 provides hundreds of individual security domains, or Virtual Gateways. Each Virtual Gateway can be managed and policies can be set on a customer-by-customer basis. Facilitated through ServGate’s integrated SGOS operating system, each Virtual Gateway can be securely managed — either locally or remotely — and monitored through ServGate’s web-based management interface.

ServGate FireFlex Network Processor Architecture — The Brawn Behind the Brains

Network Processors have gained attention throughout the computing and networking industry as an interesting and powerful new technology to apply to networking computing tasks. Before ServGate with the SG2000, no vendor had announced the application of the network processor to solve security issues. There are two Intel IXP Network Processors used in the SG2000, each of which contain six micro-engine processors, with each processor capable of running up to four processes. This massive computing power has been dedicated to several key security tasks, which have been handled in other products with general-purpose CPUs or ASIC-based devices.

The performance numbers of the SG2000 demonstrate the superior result of this design approach. Another key advantage is the relative ease in re-programming of the design, in order to incorporate changes in security standards or additional functionality in the future. An additional level of redundancy and product reliability results from transparent failover if one of the network processors should fail.


The SG2000 covers all bases of network security and performance, including:

— Firewall — stateful inspection monitors every incoming and outgoing packet. Policies can be set for an entire group, allowing efficiency and flexibility of network administration.

— Transparent Mode Firewall — Firewall protection without having to remap address spaces with NAT. Simply “drop security into the network” with changing addressing scheme.

— VPN — establishes a virtual encrypted tunnel to safely carry data between the LAN and any point outside the network. Perfect for telecommuters, travelers and branch offices. Industry-leading performance is delivered via a dedicated encryption/decryption engine.

— Redundant port gigabit failover — allows rapid failover in High Availability mode from one SG2000 to another without changing cabling. Redundant connections are provided for both Internal and External ports.

— Logging and reporting — powerful collection of logging tools and diagnostics allows administrator to track, analyze, and proactively manage network security.

Pricing and Availability

The ServGate SG2000 will be in beta in May and available in volume shipments this summer. Pricing starts at $59,995 U.S. Please contact ServGate to obtain ServGate sales contact information.

ServGate will be demonstrating the SG2000 for the first time at NetWorld+Interop 2001 Las Vegas, May 8-10 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in booth # 7205

About ServGate

ServGate is the first company to develop a new class of products designed to meet the needs of Internet-generation businesses: the Security Gateway. ServGate’s products remove the complexity and reduce the cost of implementing and managing today’s mandatory business services — including encryption, firewall, VPN, caching, URL filtering, virus scanning and more — by delivering unprecedented levels of performance, simplicity, functionality, and cost-efficiency in a single device. The ServGate product line serves businesses of all sizes, from small and remote branch offices to large enterprise-wide corporations and service providers. For more information, call 408-922-0600, or visit

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