Sniffer Technologies Setting Worldwide Standard With New IT Certification Program for Network Management

Sniffer Certification Program to Accredit IT Professionals With First-Class Troubleshooting and Protocol Analysis Skills for Managing Enterprise Networks

SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 5 /PRNewswire/ — Sniffer Technologies, a business unit of Network Associates (Nasdaq: NETA), today is setting a worldwide standard by introducing its IT certification program for network management called the Sniffer Certified Professional Program (SCPP). While meeting the industry’s demand for network professionals with vendor-specific certification, the SCPP will identify IT professionals with first-class Sniffer-specific troubleshooting and protocol analysis skills to protect and optimize networks across the enterprise.

Developed through close collaboration with Sniffer University, the Sniffer Certified Professional Program will help employers identify professionals within their organizations who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to implement, operate and troubleshoot networks effectively. At the same time, SCPP will provide network professionals industry-recognized accreditation as experts in their field.

“The rapidly changing landscape of internetworking technologies is creating a shortage of qualified, trained professionals to manage business-critical networks,” said Rich Baich, Director of Sniffer University’s Educational Services, Sniffer Technologies. “Companies recognize the critical role network availability plays in the success of their business, and the Sniffer Certified Professional Program ensures they have trained professionals to ensure maximum uptime of their network.”

The Sniffer Certified Professional Program was developed using proven psychometric processes to create quality tests targeted at network professionals with in-depth knowledge of Sniffer technologies and significant hands-on experience in real world environments. Each exam tests objectives and content that maps to Sniffer University’s existing curriculum ensuring clear learning paths between product and technology emphasis areas.

The Sniffer Certified Professional program consists of three levels. The first level, the Sniffer Certified Professional (SCP), includes a 60-minute required core exam designed to test a candidate’s knowledge in the use of Sniffer Technologies’ network analyzer. The SCP credential is the basis for the entire program.

The following levels, the Sniffer Certified Expert (SCE) and the Sniffer Certified Master (SCM), evaluate a candidate’s knowledge in their choice of a combination of other Sniffer products and technologies in various networking environments. Additional SCPP exams validate skills for products such as DSS/RMON Pro or the new Wireless LAN product as well as technology emphasis areas: Ethernet, TCP/IP, Windows NT and 2000, WAN and ATM.

According to industry research, Sniffer Technologies is the industry-leader in providing top-quality software solutions for monitoring, analyzing and managing network availability and performance. To date, Sniffer Technologies holds customer agreements with over 80 percent of Fortune 100 customers.

The Sniffer Certified Professional Program exams will be available worldwide through Prometric Testing Centers at starting April 2, 2001.

To obtain further information about the Sniffer Certified Professional Program go to or contact Sniffer University at Candidates who hold CNX certifications are encouraged to contact for details about transitioning their current CNX certification into the Sniffer Certified Professional Program.

Sniffer University is a world-class training organization that provides introductory, intermediate and advanced courses for novice and experienced IT professionals. The Sniffer University curriculum is designed to complement and enhance the skills needed and desired by organizations to manage and maintain critical network infrastructures. Since 1991, Sniffer University has trained over 60,000 customers across a variety of industries in network management, troubleshooting and protocol analysis.

Sniffer Technologies, a Network Associates business, is a leading provider of network and application management solutions designed to insure e-business uptime. Supporting one of the widest ranges of network topologies in the industry, the Sniffer Total Network Visibility (TNV) suite is an integrated solution enabling e-businesses and service providers to cost-effectively keep their networks and applications up and running at peak performance. As one of the most trusted solutions for monitoring, troubleshooting, reporting, and proactively managing network availability and performance, the Sniffer TNV suite meets the demanding 24×7 availability requirements of e-business Web sites, Internet applications, converged voice, video, multimedia and data networks, and high speed switched and optical networks. For more information, Sniffer Technologies can be reached on the Internet at .

About Network Associates

With headquarters in Santa Clara, Calif., Network Associates, Inc. is a leading supplier of security and availability solutions for e-businesses. Network Associates is comprised of four business units: McAfee, delivering world class anti-virus products; PGP Security, providing firewall, intrusion detection and encryption products; Sniffer Technologies, a leader in network and application management; and Magic Solutions, providing web-based service desk solutions. For more information, Network Associates can be reached at 972-308-9960 or on the Internet at .

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