Fidelica Licenses Bioscrypt’s Fingerprint Algorithm

TORONTO, June 7 /PRNewswire/ – Bioscrypt Inc. (TSE:BYT), a leading provider of biometric authentication solutions, and Fidelica Microsystems Inc., a leading developer of ultra sensitive, micro-sensor technology for the fingerprint authentication industry, today announced that, Fidelica will license Bioscrypt’s state-of-the-art pattern fingerprint recognition algorithm for use with their biometric sensing products.

“This agreement provides customers with a complete solution – a complementary bundle that will include Fidelica’s sensor coupled with our optimized high-performance algorithm,” said Pierre Donaldson, president and CEO of Bioscrypt Inc. “The initiative taken by Fidelica to license the Bioscrypt algorithm before the company releases production versions of their sensors is a significant endorsement of our fingerprint algorithm. It emphasizes that a breakthrough fingerprint sensor technology is lost without a robust algorithm that is reliable on a day-to-day basis.”

Fidelica develops fingerprint pressure sensing technology for electronic user authentication. Less than the size of a postage stamp, the Fidelica sensor is ideal for wireless, computing and information appliance applications, and can easily be integrated into devices as small as a cell phone.

Bioscrypt uses a pattern recognition algorithm as the basis for its fingerprint authentication systems. This algorithm processes the entire fingerprint image, rather than simply selecting a limited number of tiny points. This means that pattern recognition algorithms are more robust as they are not significantly affected by the loss of information when a finger is scarred, damaged, or dirty. The strength and versatility of the pattern recognition algorithm has allowed Bioscrypt to develop extremely reliable authentication systems, as well as sophisticated key storage and retrieval algorithms.

“Bioscrypt’s algorithm is a crucial partnering technology for our product,” said Bob Allen, VP Business Development, Fidelica Microsystems. “Bioscrypt’s algorithm works extremely well with our technology, our technologies are very complementary.”

About Fidelica Microsystems Inc.

Fidelica Microsystems Inc. is a leading developer in the fingerprint authentication industry. The company develops fingerprint imaging and authentication solutions for a broad range of markets and customers. Founded in 1999, Fidelica’s premier technology solves complex and demanding security and authentication needs with a proprietary pressure sensor platform. Fidelica can be found at or by calling (408) 941-2280.

About Bioscrypt Inc.

Bioscrypt Inc. (TSE:BYT) is a leading provider of fingerprint-based biometric solutions to organizations requiring a high level of security for network, wireless and physical access. Bioscrypt provides strong authentication through the use of a robust pattern recognition algorithm that is used to bind a user’s credentials to their biometric, such as a fingerprint. Bioscrypt’s biometric solutions are designed to enhance end user convenience and reduce password management costs. Bioscrypt brands its technology as “bioscrypt on board(TM)”, which signifies that Bioscrypt Inc.’s high standards of biometric quality and security reside within that product. For more information on Bioscrypt, visit the Company’s Web site at

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