InfoExpress Launches CyberArmor 2.0 The Latest Standard in Enterprise Personal Firewall Protection

New “policy wizard” lets non-security experts develop custom security policies for their remote users

Mountain View, CA — July 30, 2001 — In response to the growing need for remote access security solutions that provide custom policy and enforcement tools, security pioneer InfoExpress is proud to announce the latest edition of its award-winning enterprise personal firewall suite: CyberArmor 2.0.

CyberArmor 2.0 is a centrally managed distributed firewall that enables companies to extend policy-based security to remote users who access corporate networks through risky Internet and broadband “always-on” connections. The CyberArmor suite gives systems administrators critical configuration and remote management tools that provide powerful and flexible control over security policy implementation without the need for end-user intervention. The newest edition of CyberArmor includes a Policy Wizard that allows even non-security experts to develop comprehensive, customized security policies for their users.

“CyberArmor 2.0 lets administrators who aren’t security experts create custom security policies for their organizations by simply entering information into a wizard,” said Stacey Lum, president and CEO of InfoExpress. “By using this information, CyberArmor can dramatically improve security without end user involvement. At the same time, version 2.0 provides experts with additional tools to provide even greater control over their policies than previous versions.”

According to Todd Nakano, vice president of sales and marketing for InfoExpress, “Our customers need to create corporate-wide policies quickly and easily, and to change them ‘on-the-fly’ as required. CyberArmor’s Policy Wizard makes security policy creation and maintenance as simple or complex as needed.”

In addition to the Policy Wizard, new features of CyberArmor 2.0 include: Digital “signature verification” of policies to ensure that only authorized staff makes policy changes; Active validation of network traffic and applications on a remote user’s system; Enhanced “environmentally sensitive policies” (ESP) that select the best policy by differentiating between corporate premises networks and remote networks. CyberArmor 2.0 also provides extended support for application control.

CyberArmor Suite 2.0 also includes CyberConsole software for remote viewing of system configurations, alarms, status notifications, support for VPNs such as Nortel’s Contivity(TM), Cisco’s VPN, Check Point’s VPN-1 SecuRemote, Microsoft’s® PPTP, Alcatel VPN (formerly TimeStep) and integration with third-party databases including Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

CyberArmor Suite 2.0 comprises four components:

– CyberArmor client — pre-configured, auto-updated personal firewall software that protects the end-user’s PC and notifies users and CyberServer of attacks;

– Policy Manager — creates and manages policies, run-time settings, and automatic updates;

– CyberServer — logs user events and threats into a database; and

– CyberConsole — enables viewing remote user systems and managing incidents through the database.

CyberServer is priced at $4,995 per server and runs on Windows NT/2000® Server. Policy Manager is priced at $995 each. CyberConsole is priced at $295 per seat, and the CyberArmor client software is $59 per seat. These components run on all popular Windows® platforms. The company offers services that assist with the integration of CyberArmor Suite and third-party VPNs. CyberArmor Suite is also a feature of the company?s FireWalker VPN Suite.

About InfoExpress

InfoExpress is a leader in secure remote access and personal firewall solutions. InfoExpress develops and markets the CyberArmor(TM) Suite Enterprise Personal Firewall, CyberGatekeeper VPN Policy Enforcer and the FireWalker VPN Suite(TM), enabling enterprises to provide safe access to authorized resources over the Internet for employees, consultants, business partners, and customers. Recent news releases and other information are on InfoExpress’ homepage at InfoExpress is headquartered at 170 S. Whisman Road, Suite B, Mountain View, CA 94041. Phone: +1 650-623-0260; Fax: +1 650-623-0268; Email:


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