Internet Privacy: Do Businesses Really Care?

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–June 12, 2001–Zona Research releases its latest report: Internet Privacy: How are Businesses Bridging Troubled Waters? Ask most people about their biggest concern with the Internet (barring losses in poor dot com investments) and the answer is likely to be the security of their data. In light of the DoubleClick and Toysmart scandals, such concerns are hardly surprising. Although most companies have ‘stated’ privacy policies, what actions are they really taking and will this be enough to ensure that consumers do not lose faith in the sanctity of Internet, and possibly provoke government intervention?

The latest Zona Market Report addresses these issues as well as presenting the wide range of companies’ perspectives on current government privacy regulations, many of which anger consumers and their advocacy groups. This report is filled with data from an Internet Privacy study conducted by Zona Research in June 2001 of over 100 professionals of commercial organizations that are involved in computer/Internet security or wireless access technologies. This report answers the following questions, amongst others:

— What technologies and solutions are in use to ensure personal

data remains private?

— Are companies concerned with protecting customer data?

— Who is using the opt-in vs. opt-out solution on their Web site?

— How much is being spent by enterprises on privacy solutions?

— Do privacy concerns stop companies from making money?

“Ensuring customers’ privacy is critical to the long term success of the Internet. While the free exchange of information makes the Internet a very valuable resource; if enterprises fail to address concerns about the privacy of their customers’ data the impact on ecommerce would be devastating” states Susan Billheimer, Industry Analyst, Zona Research. Billheimer continues, “There is a clear need for businesses to implement well thought-out practices, to avoid a consumer or regulatory backlash based on fear rather the real issues involved. Businesses need to help their customers understand how to not be seduced by safe-sounding privacy principles that may disguise truly unscrupulous practices.”

Internet Privacy: How are Businesses Bridging Troubled Waters? is a Zona Market Report priced at $895/ single user, $1395 for a multi-user edition, and $1895 for enterprise wide distribution. It is available now and can be purchased by contacting Zona toll free at 877/999-ZONA (9662), by visiting our Web site at or visiting our distribution partners at the following Web sites:

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