Jam Echelon Day on October 21st 2001

Global Monitoring System, ECHELON, has its day. Jam Echelon Day October 21st

THE INTERNET – July 25, 2001 – A large group of individuals in the Global Internet Community have set out to bring attention to the communications monitoring system known as ECHELON.

Two years ago, when this idea was launched, the existence of ECHELON was denied by all of the participating agencies. Now with the recent issuing of the report by the “Temporary Committee on the ECHELON Interception System” its existence and invasive practices are no longer in doubt.

We are urging all persons who utilize any form of global communication to inform their circle of friends regarding ECHELON and its monitoring of all email, telephone and fax communications in Europe. Along with this we are urging the inclusion of as many ‘trigger words’ within those communications as possible.

To this end, we have established a primary web site at: http://cipherwar.com/echelon and numerous mirror sites around the world to help educate people about ECHELON and what it really means to the Global community at large. (Partial list of site locations below.)

October 21st has been designated “JAM ECHELON DAY” and on that day we are encouraging email messages to be sent out in great numbers, containing as many ‘trigger words’ as possible. (There is a list of 1700 on the web site.) While the goal of “jamming up” ECHELON is a lofty and likely unattainable one, is it not better to signal displeasure at being monitored than passively allow it to happen? We think so.

Now is a chance for anyone, regardless of computer expertise, to become an instant hacktivist – and all you need is your regular email program and the desire to stand up and count.

After October 21st, we ask global netizens to merely stop censoring themselves for fear of scrutiny. If the bulk of monitored hits becomes too great, the effectiveness will drop to the insignificant. A proverb from Madagascar states; “Cross the river in a crowd and the crocodile won’t eat you.” Although that may not be completely true, we invite you to join us.

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