Linksys, Trend Micro and Zone Labs Announce a Complete Broadband Internet Security Solution for Home and Office Networks

Best-of-breed Hardware/Software Solution Provides Total, Affordable Protection Against Internet-borne Threats, Hackers, and Viruses

LAS VEGAS, May 8 /PRNewswire/ — At Networld + Interop today, networking, antivirus and Internet security leaders Linksys(R), TrendMicro(R) Inc. (Nasdaq: TMIC; Toronto: 4704), and Zone Labs announced they will combine their products and technologies into one comprehensive, best-of-breed security solution for the small/medium business and home networking market. Linksys EtherFast(R) Cable/DSL Router users will benefit from ironclad protection for their networks consisting of Zone Labs’ ZoneAlarm(TM) Pro Internet security utility and Trend Micro’s PC-cillin(R) antivirus software as part of a complete hardware and software solution.

The total broadband solution is designed to enhance the security of each PC connected to the Linksys Cable/DSL router against security threats including targeted hacker attacks, spyware, Internet-borne Trojan horses, viruses and other malicious code. Combining these three best-of-breed router, personal firewall and antivirus technologies results in one of the most complete, secure and affordable security solutions on the market. “I have been recommending the combined use of the excellent Linksys and Zone Labs products to everyone who asks,” said Steve Gibson, noted security expert and president of Gibson Research Corporation (, home of ShieldsUP! an Internet security testing tool). “The synergy created by marrying the industry’s best personal firewall and the best NAT router results in the highest level of Internet security and functionality available today. Adding antivirus is the natural next step. It is the HOT setup!”

How It Will Work

The updated version of the Linksys routers, with Zone Alarm Pro and PC- cillin, will upon installation determine whether the appropriate security measures and policies are in place on client PCs. If not in place, users will automatically be directed to a Web page where they can download and install the Zone Alarm Pro and PC-cillin software packages. This combined hardware and software approach maximizes the security of the entire network against vulnerabilities, providing a more robust security solution than any one alone. In addition, this combined offering boasts ease of use, scalability for network growth and dramatically improved security without requiring significant amounts of network resources.

Linksys President/CEO, Victor Tsao said, “Linksys has shipped over one-million Cable/DSL Routers over the past fifteen months, which substantiates the growing need for simple, affordable and secure networking devices for the home and office. The offering of Zone Alarm Pro and PC-cillin enables us to combine our NAT hardware technology with their robust and award-winning security solutions quickly for the market, thus providing a more complete offering to our customers than the competition can provide.”

The solution enables customers to easily set up and maintain Internet security policies for their network. Each PC on the network can be protected with Zone Alarm Pro, which has a unique combination of firewall, application control, intrusion blocking and other technologies, as well as PC-cillin antivirus software, which provides complete, Internet-era virus protection and URL-blocking to prevent access to inappropriate or offensive Web sites. “Effective Internet security policy is critical in order to maintain the vigilant security demanded by all sizes and types of networks — from the largest enterprise to the small business and home network,” said Gregor Freund, CEO and co-founder of Zone Labs. “The result of effective security policy is stronger Internet security and, thus, peace of mind.”

“When it comes to computer security in the Internet age, users will not accept anything less than best-of-breed solutions,” said Steve Chang, chairman and CEO of Trend Micro. “This combined Linksys, Trend Micro, Zone Labs solution gives users just that and more — it’s an all-in-one, best-of-breed security solution that’s easy to install, configure and use. It’s a win-win for everyone.”


The Linksys, Trend Micro and Zone Labs solution is expected to be available this June for the Linksys EtherFast 1- and 4-Port Cable/DSL Routers. Bundled offerings for the rest of the Linksys broadband router line including the new EtherFast Wireless AP + Cable/DSL Routers are expected to be available by the end of Q3. Existing Linksys Cable/DSL Router customers will be able to upgrade their routers with the appropriate Zone Alarm Pro and PC-cillin packages, which will be offered at up to a 50% discount off regular street price so that they, too, can reap the benefits of this complete security solution.

Linksys EtherFast Cable/DSL Routers

These hybrid broadband networking devices are a Router, hardware firewall, Internet sharing and networking device all in one. They let customers share a single high-speed cable or DSL Internet connection using just one IP address and the Router’s NAT firewall provides network security when connected to the Internet. With a built-in 4-Port 10/100 switch or 1-Port LAN connection and with full-duplex and dedicated bandwidth, the EtherFast Cable/DSL Routers eliminate the need to buy an additional hub or switch for building your network.

Advanced Router features include IP Sec Pass Through, PPTP support, PPPoE, port forwarding and filtering, IP filtering, remote administration, DMZ hosting, MAC cloning, logging and DHCP. Easy-to-read LEDs display the Router’s status, showing power status, successful connections to each of its devices, and whether data is being sent or received from each of those links.

Trend Micro’s PC-cillin

Certified for Windows 2000, PC-cillin 2000 provides home and small office users with an easy-to-use and affordable total security system for the Internet age, incorporating the same technologies available in Trend Micro’s high-powered enterprise software packages. The PC-cillin 2000 desktop antivirus solution blocks all kinds of malicious code that can be passed through web sites, email, network servers, CD-ROMs or floppy disks including viruses, Trojan horses, worms, malicious Java applets, Active X controls and web scripts.

PC-cillin’s automated operation couples with its simplified design to provide virus protection that is easy to use. The “Scan Manager” enables users to scan selected files on demand. Suspicious files can either be quarantined or sent directly to Trend’s Virus Hospital for expert advice. PC-cillin 2000 also features web site blocking options to prevent access to offensive Web sites.

Zone Labs’ Zone Alarm Pro

With over nine million copies distributed, Zone Labs sets the de facto standard for Internet security. Both the award-winning ZoneAlarm and ZoneAlarm Pro include a firewall to barricade the PC against hacker attacks and unwanted intrusions; an Application Control feature which lets the user control which programs can communicate with the Internet, thereby lessening the opportunity for spyware or malicious code to ‘call home’; MailSafe-Email Attachment Protection; as well as other features that combine to give the user ironclad protection.

ZoneAlarm Pro builds on the strong foundation of ZoneAlarm and adds an enhanced version of MailSafe-Email Attachment Protection to protect against more varieties of email-borne Internet threats; password protection; easy to use, ‘one click’ support for local area networks as well as advanced configuration utilities for more technically-knowledgeable users. ZoneAlarm Pro supports Windows(R) 9x, 2000, ME and NT.

About The Linksys Group, Inc.

Linksys, an award-winning leader in the development of wireless, broadband and LAN networking solutions for the home, Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) and Small/Medium Business (SMB) corporate environments, is the number-one manufacturer of networking hardware in the retail and e-commerce channels and the fastest growing networking solution provider for the SMB corporate sector. Linksys products emphasize speed, affordability, reliability, ease of installation and widespread compatibility and are sold through leading distributors, computer resellers, direct response and E-commerce and retail stores worldwide. For more information, visit the Linksys web site at, email at or call toll-free 1-800-LINKSYS (546-5797).

About Trend Micro

Trend Micro is a leader in network antivirus and Internet content security software and services. The Tokyo-based Corporation has its North American headquarters in Cupertino, CA and business units worldwide. Trend Micro products are sold through corporate, value-added resellers and managed service providers. For additional information and evaluation copies of all Trend Micro products visit or

About Zone Labs Inc.

Zone Labs Inc. is a leading creator of Internet security solutions. Zone Labs produces patented TrueVector(TM) technology, the software platform on which the company builds its award-winning security solutions for consumers, small businesses, enterprises and service providers. Zone Labs’ product line includes the award-winning ZoneAlarm and ZoneAlarm Pro Internet security utilities which millions of PC users have downloaded, making them the de facto standards. Zone Labs Integrity, also built on the TrueVector platform, provides ironclad security for the extended enterprise with a complete set of centralized security and Internet usage management tools.

Founded in 1997, Zone Labs is a private company headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA. Strategic investors in Zone Labs include noted security luminary John McAfee, founder of McAfee Software, EastWest VentureGroup, Intel Capital, Oxford Bioscience Partners, and Pacific Venture Group. For more information, please contact Zone Labs at 415-341-8200 or visit

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