Motorola Introduces New Weapon to Thwart Cyber Intruders

Motorola’s Intrusion Vision Synthesizes Network Data, Enabling Rapid Recognition and Response to Network Attacks

WASHINGTON, June 7 /PRNewswire/ — Network administrators now have a new first line of defense in the protection of information assets. Motorola, Inc. announced today a visualization and analysis software tool that helps the user visually interpret network attacks at a glance and respond quickly.

Motorola Intrusion Vision provides a single, intuitive display of information received from many network and host-based intrusion detection sensors within a business or operation. Additionally, it can correlate attack information received from different sensors to let operators know of a serious attack. Because the data is displayed in near-real time, the user can react quickly based on responses defined by the operation’s security policy. Rapid response can serve to eliminate or mitigate potential damage to the network.

“I respect the pedigree of Motorola’s capabilities with security technology. This Windows(TM)-based commercial off-the-shelf security product incorporates that know-how,” said Steve Lewis, an information security expert for PRO-telligent, LLC assigned to the Department of State. “Motorola Intrusion Vision proves simple and easy to operate, allows for better report creation and storage and it supports both commercial and public domain intrusion detection systems. It is a system that can prevent and protect rather than report and react after the fact. Correlating attack information before it gets too deep into the operator’s system should be a cornerstone of sound network management and is a benefit of Motorola’s technology.”

John Cole, Vice President and General Manager of Motorola’s Information Security Systems and Products Divisions says, “Visualization and correlation of network intrusion information is a high priority with network administrators who are overwhelmed with the volume of textual data received from sensors. This product is the first step for anyone interested in improving detection and reaction time. In addition to rapid response, Motorola Intrusion Vision can reduce the level of expertise and expense businesses devote to monitoring sensors for evidence of cybercrime.”

Motorola Intrusion Vision features a graphical ring display resembling a bull’s eye that operators can easily interpret. They can then access the underlying sensor data from the same screen. Use of an open Application Programming Interface (API) facilitates interoperability with a wide range of sensors and intrusion detection devices. The software is written in Java script and is portable to many hosts.

The unsolved problems of the intrusion detection world include predictive analysis. In other words, based on what happened in the recent past, we have an indication and warning of what attack is about to occur. The underlying technology of Motorola Intrusion Vision allows for simple, predictive analysis,” says David O’Brien, a consultant for Epsilon Systems.

Protection of industrial information assets is just one area where Motorola, with demonstrated expertise in government-risk avoidance technology assets, is bringing advanced capability to the commercial world of information technology. Motorola Intrusion Vision will be available this month and priced starting at US$11,490 for the basic version.

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