Ositis Software’s New WinProxy 4.0 Internet Connection Sharing and Firewall Software Adds Customizable Alerts, Enhanced User Access Controls & Outgoing Virus Scanning


Ositis Software, a leading developer of connectivity and Internet access technologies for Windows platforms, today announced the release of WinProxy(R) 4.0, the newest version of its industry-leading software allowing all PCs on a LAN to access the Internet through a single connection.

Key new features include the ability to create rules-based alerts for virus events or usage infractions, restrict Internet access privileges by user or user group, and scan outgoing email messages for viruses. The new release also adds support for SMTP virus scanning and VPN clients, ensuring security for home users accessing their corporate networks.

The security enhancements strengthen WinProxy’s stealth-rated firewall and built-in antivirus defenses, giving businesses maximum protection against Internet intruders as well as malicious code in e-mail attachments and Internet downloads.

Customizable Alerts

For the first time, WinProxy 4.0 allows administrators to create notification alerts to identify virus attempts, violations of site visitation privileges, and other notable events. Notifications can be sent via email, popup message, program message or special log creation, with the ability to independently pre-set the notification method as well as customize the alert message for each rule. In this way, administrators can have a record of every incident involving a user attempting to send an infected email, inappropriate Internet activities, and other incidents threatening the security or policies of the organization.

Enhanced User Access Controls

System administrators now have the flexibility to set Internet access privileges by individual user or user group, greatly expanding the enterprise-wide restrictions previously available. Privileges can be established by time of day; by activity such as browsing, chatting or email; and/or by URL filtering. As in Version 3.0, the product includes a free six-month subscription to Secure Computing’s SmartFilter Basic filtering engine to block access to sites with sex, hate speech, criminal intent, drugs and obscene/extreme material. Twenty-two other categories are available for an additional fee.

Outgoing Virus Scanning

In addition to the virus protection capabilities for incoming email offered in previous versions, WinProxy 4.0 scans outgoing email messages at the server level to prevent users from spreading infected files. This can help curb hacker-produced epidemics like the LOVEBUG and Anna Kournikova viruses as well as avoid the ill will created when a company passes infected messages to its customers. WinProxy features a free six-month subscription to Trend Micro’s ICSA certified antivirus scan engine and pattern files.

Support for SMTP Virus Scanning

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) virus scanning has been added to WinProxy’s existing support for virus detection in FTP, HTTP and POP3 email environments. This provides an extra layer of protection, particularly for users with internal mail servers.

Support for VPN Clients

Also new in WinProxy 4.0 is support for VPN (Virtual Private Network) client software, allowing remote users to access their VPN-based corporate networks securely. WinProxy’s built-in firewall and anti-virus protection safeguard information exchanged over a VPN client, allowing messages, files and other data to be transferred in confidence.

Robust Internet-Sharing Capabilities

Like previous versions, WinProxy 4.0 simultaneously connects multiple computers to the Internet through one simple connection from any Internet Service Provider, including AOL, whether over dial-up, ISDN, DSL, cable modem, T1-T3, satellite, frame relay or wireless. It offers a built-in firewall, centralized anti-virus protection, caching for frequently visited sites, and simultaneous and transparent Internet access for every user on the network. Transparent proxy technology eliminates the need to reconfigure applications or install special software on each client computer, making setup a simple procedure involving installation on only one network PC. The product saves money by eliminating multiple phone lines, modems and user accounts. It is Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me compatible.

Pricing and Availability

WinProxy 4.0 is available in 3, 5, 10, 25 and unlimited user versions. Pricing starts at $59.95 to $799.95 for the unlimited user version. Users who purchased WinProxy on or after April 2, 2001, are eligible to receive a free upgrade to 4.0. Upgrade pricing for existing customers is available starting at $19.95. Discounted pricing for competitive product upgrades is available through Ositis. The product can be purchased through major retailers, Value Added Resellers (VARs) or directly from Ositis at 1-888-946-7769 (U.S.), 1-925-225-8900 (international), or http://www.ositis.com.

About Ositis Software, Inc.

Ositis Software designs, develops, licenses and markets award winning, critically acclaimed software solutions that provided home, SOHO and enterprise customers with a complete system to safeguard and connect networked PCs. The company markets and supports its products through major retailers, a network of VARs, leading OEMs worldwide, and directly to end users. WinProxy is currently distributed through Ingram Micro. For inquiries contact Ositis Software at 6120 Stoneridge Mall Road, Suite 210, Pleasanton, CA 94588; telephone (888) WINPROXY (888-946-7769) within the U.S. or (925) 225-8900 outside the U.S.; fax (925) 225-8904; e-mail sales@ositis.com; or visit http://www.ositis.com.

Copyright (c) 2001 Ositis Software, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Product specifications and price subject to change without notice. WinProxy is a registered trademark of Ositis Software, Inc. Microsoft, Windows, Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, and Windows ME are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All other brand, product, service and company names are registered trademarks, trademarks or service marks of their respective holders and are acknowledged.

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