Report from European Parliament Advises Internet Users to Encrypt Emails

–(BUSINESS WIRE)–June 25, 2001–

TOPIC: According to a article, a report from European Parliament advises Internet users to encrypt their email messages to protect them from an alleged surveillance system, which can scan communications around the world. The system, called ‘Echelon’, is said to be a cooperative venture between the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Although the United States says Echelon does not exist, the European Parliament disagrees and warns that such a system could result in industrial espionage that would abuse the common market and free competition.

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Mr. Jon Matonis, president and CEO of Hush Communications, has over 15 years’ managerial experience in security and encryption technology, embedded software systems, international payment systems and foreign exchange. His work on financial cryptography has been cited in numerous published articles, including Dow Jones Markets magazine’s “The Future of Money”, Seth Godin’s book, “Presenting Digital Cash”, and the Journal of the London School of Economics. He has been an active member of the NACHA Internet Council, National Futures Association, Financial Services Technology Consortium, and CommerceNet. He received his BA in Economics with a Monetary Theory emphasis from George Washington University in Washington, DC.

Mr. Sean Mac Cann, market operations manager of Vordel, is an expert in IT law and e-commerce law and legal implications of emerging technologies.

Mr. David Sweigert, managing director of EuroSignCard S.A., is an expert in digital signatures, e-commerce security, hacking, intrusion, public key infrastructures, security, banking, EURO, European Directive 1999/93 on Digital Signatures. Sweigert consulted to the State of New York on the implementation of their digital signature law. Sweigert also spent two years under contract to the National Security Agency as a representative to the Federal Public Key Infrastructure Technical Working group (PKI provides the technical underpinnings for digital signatures).

Mr. Michael Rothman, executive vice president, joined SHYM Technology, Inc. with a wealth of experience in network security, global communications and electronic commerce. He has designed, procured and implemented a variety of voice and data networks and has been frequently quoted and published in networking trade journals. Mr. Rothman can also provide expert commentary on PKI technology.


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