SK Telecom Selects UniSecurity for Its e-Procurement System Security

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May 21, 2001–

World’s First Biometrics-Enhanced PKI Security Implementation for SAP(R) R/3(R) Software Based On UniSecurity’s BIO-PKI(TM) Technology

UniSecurity Inc., a rapidly emerging technology company in the Internet security industry, has announced that SK Telecom, Korea’s largest telecommunications company with over 15 million subscribers, will adopt UniSecurity’s SecuForce(TM) Security Suite to secure its e-Procurement System for e-business between SK Telecom and its suppliers.

This project is at the forefront of the IT industry and marks a major milestone for Internet security. This project will be the world’s first security system for SAP(R) R/3(R) that utilizes fingerprint authentication to enable digital certificates within public key infrastructure.

“We conducted a thorough technical evaluation of various solutions from Entrust, CA, UniSecurity, and several others,” said Kyoung Hee Chung, manager of SK Telecom’s e-management team. “We chose UniSecurity because they really have a flexible security system that is neutral to both PKI and biometrics, and more importantly, one that transparently plugs into SAP R/3. Another key factor was UniSecurity’s versatility to interface to multiple applications for Single Sign On within SK Telecom’s e-business environment.”

SK Telecom’s e-Procurement System will connect 200 internal users and 1,000 external users of its suppliers to securely communicate and conduct e-business through a SAP B-to-B Procurement (BBP) system. SK Telecom will install UniSecurity’s SecuForce Security Suite that includes the BIO-PKI(TM) Authenticator (BPA) and Business Application Enabler (BAE). UniSecurity’s BAE is only one of three solutions in the world that has been interface-certified for use with SAP R/3 software for Secure Network Communication (SNC) and Secure Store and Forward (SSF). Both SNC and SSF are SAP designated security interfaces: SNC for enabling Single Sign On (SSO) to SAP R/3 to ensure a secure channel and SSF for digital signing of documents created and high value transactions done within SAP R/3. UniSecurity will also interface its enabler to Lotus Notes and other internal applications of SK Telecom.

What is unique about this implementation is that the user authentication and the digital signature are based on three options: passwords (standard), biometrics, and a combination of passwords and biometrics. The biometric device that SK telecom will be using is a fingerprint-scanning device integrated into a USB mouse. UniSecurity’s patent-pending BIO-PKI(TM) technology is the only true convergence of biometrics and PKI. It genuinely authenticates a user to a specific digital certificate based on that individual’s distinct physiological traits.

“Today’s enterprise has a mission-critical initiative for e-business transformation to successfully survive and compete in the future’s digital economy,” said James Han, CEO and president at UniSecurity, Inc. “This has led global 2000 companies like SK Telecom to embrace the transition from traditional ERPs to XRPs. SK Telecom’s e-Procurement project takes a major step toward achieving that goal and we are very pleased to provide a revolutionary security solution that will secure the future of their e-business.”

SecuForce(TM) Security Suite is a “Technology Adoption Accelerator” that expedites the deployment time of PKI, while reducing the total cost of ownership by eliminating custom integration and extensive consulting. Comprised of three components, SecuForce — BAE (Business Application Enabler), SecuForce — BPA (BIO-PKI(TM) Authenticator) and SecuForce — PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), SecuForce is totally biometric and PKI neutral and based on its patent-pending BIO-PKI(TM) technology, it enhances PKI with multi-factor authentication (passwords, biometrics, or combination). SecuForce — BAE, developed based on IETF’s GSSAPI standard, has been interface-certified for use with SAP R/3 software for both SNC and SSF, and effortlessly plugs-in to SAP R/3 with minimal configuration. SecuForce — BPA has pre-enabled several CAs (Baltimore, RSA, Microsoft and Secui) and five fingerprint scanning devices (Siemens, Identix, SecuGen, Hunno and Veridicom) to provide complete vendor independence for enterprise customers. SecuForce — PKI ships with RSA’s Keon or Sentry as the default CA in a bundled package. Furthermore, SecuForce handles digital certificates from any industry standard certificate authority. Additional information about the product can be obtained by emailing to

UniSecurity is currently exhibiting SecuForce Security Suite at ASUG Conference from May 20-May 22 (Booth no. 859) at Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami, Fla. Visit the company’s Web site at for additional information.

UniSecurity, Inc., founded in April 2000, is a rapidly emerging company in the application security industry, providing a unified security solution that accelerates Biometrics and PKI technology adoption. UniSecurity has successfully converged the world’s first Biometrics-enhanced PKI solution, based on its patent-pending BIO-PKI(TM) enabling technology that seamlessly integrates to enterprise applications (ERP and other vertical market applications). This fusion of market-proven technologies has created the greatest synergy-effect in the security industry. For more information, please contact UniSecurity at 408/544-5524 or send an email to Visit for additional information.

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