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MOD.book.FIVE: Who are they and where did they come from?


Well, it’s time again for another journal. It’s now the middle of summer 1991. Lately we’ve heard a few good stories out of the mouths of people we don’t even know. There have even been a few funny occurances in the past few weeks.

1) There are rumours that Phiber Optik was wasting his life away and not using his talents wisely. Well, the truth of the matter is, he has been a speaker in many public debates and conferences on hacking in general and computer security. He is also working as a programmer/developer for a computer firm in NYC. Also, he is working closely with the EFF (which recently have set up their own system for their organization).

2) COMSEC is formed. The *new* LOD (whose only member consists of Erik Bloodaxe) goes into the computer security business. Nothing to date is documented on their services and we have yet to see what the hell they can provide. EBA for one is an original member and he knows close to nothing (except for the things that he asked Phiber Optik to tell him). Not to mention these guys are hardly corporate and have NO experience in the business end of computer security; which explains why they got caught misrepresenting themselves as Landmark Graphics to other well-established computer security firms. Also, they have bragged about narking on a few members of MOD in their jealous rage. This we can prove through insiders.

MOD was never a textfile “how-to” group. It was always based on a brotherhood type deal and everything done is secretive and has a purpose behind it. LOD on the other hand, never made sense to any of us anymore. It was good at first, when all the original (knowledgable) members were active, but lately it’s become to be known as a group of guys with very sparce telecom knowledge riding on a name that once actually stood for something.

Even Phiber Optik questioned whether LOD meant Legion of Doom or Lump of Doo-doo (on Gyrotechnic’s private bbs). He stood firm against all the other members on the system until finally they were dumbfounded and speechless. Well, the board died. Now, PO and the rest of the MOD bunch take to them like a swatter to flies. Give it up fellas.. it’ll never work.

3) Renegade Hacker (a NYC local) thinks he’s cool. He gets raided, starts talking, and when confronted by MOD, hides behind mommy. Then he says he hates MOD (which is funny since he was sweating MOD’s nuts since the day he first got a modem; those who were at the 2600 know what I mean..) The fact remains he is a real loser out to make a name for himself by trying to inspire those who have less contact with the better hackers in the community.

NASTY (his group) = BIG Joke.

(they write files..the National Enquirer of the h/p world)

*Rent-A-Gay Hacker changed his phone #.. please note the new one in the database.*

4) Lord Micro gets Xenix and creates what will be modnet 2. (The Wing is the administrator of #1 in PA) Crazy Eddie plans to put up a bbs (open forum) in the 2600 Magazine format (like OSUNY, Central Office, The Toll Center). NO illegal shit…just theoretical discussion..what real hackers are made of.

5) Vinny (The Technician) is “outed”. He is an admitted homosexual. I’m telling you.. watch out for these SSWC guys..they’re a little funny, ya know?

6) Mind Rape, or something like that, of NSA is a new pest. Gimme a break. When will they ever learn? Infiniti was another one, but I guess he’s kept quiet..which is good. Let’s just hope he doesn’t ask Mind Dweeb for help. Add Purple “no-show” Mustard (codez kid..see MOD/database for more info) to this catagory. Also, there’s another guy using Acid’s handle in 216. Wasn’t home when we called twice.

Special thanks to Jack Hitt and Paul Tough of Harper’s Magazine. Great guys, good writers/editors.. damn that stuff was fun.

Hello to State Police Officer Donald Delaney. Not such a bad guy, just that he IS a cop and he DID bust some of us. But he also got those guys pirating cellular service in Queens, which really was a major bust. Nice tie.


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