ZeaSoft Releases Task Terminator

ZeaSoft is proud to announce a new release of our free utility, Task Terminator (http://www.zeasoft.com/products/taskterm.htm). Task Terminator is a free utility from ZeaSoft which allows you to terminate any task or window running on your machine, even hidden programs and services which are invisible to the Windows Task Manager (that window that pops up when you hit Ctrl-Alt-Del). Task Terminator has the look and feel of the Windows Task Manager to make it instantly familiar to Windows users.

In addition to being a great Windows utility, Task Terminator can also be run in a command line mode, for use from a script, DOS box, or with the Windows task scheduler.

New in version 1.3!

We’ve added a new check box which allows you to terminate pesky tasks “with extreme prejudice”. This means Task Terminator can kill extremely stubborn misbehaving programs, which previously would persist despite trying to kill them with the Windows Task Manager or with previous versions of Task Terminator.

Task Terminator is free, with no pop up ads or anything like that to pester you. Information to upgrade your present installation of Task Terminator can be found at http://www.zeasoft.com/Downloads/ttask.htm

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