Code 511 Developing Security Tools for MacOS X

Code511 is the first IT Security company leading the developement of security tools for MacOS X.

The BSD core system of OS X gives to the macintosh community the opportunity to access a great number of security tools.

This program was fully created by “Grungie” for Code511 under the GPL licence, that make this products 100% open source. The sources are available here:

MHW is the first tool of the up coming suite of softwares. This software will allow you to check the strenght of OS X passwords on OSX server or personnal workstation or any other DES encrypted password files.

MHW consist of 4 tools:

1-Generator: A fast passwords list generator. It will create a 81mo dictionnary(85655680 characters) in less than 27 sec.

2-Gecos-Read: A simple module that parses a standard Unix passwd file and extracts structured information from it.

3-Wordlist Cleaner: A dictionnary cleaner, it allows to remove duplicated entries or even select a simple text file to create a dictionnar..

4-Cracker: The fastest password cracker ever made on MacOs with many features such as session recovery, 3 levels of cpu usage.

*Two types of attacks are possible: brut force and dictionnary.

*How fast is the cracker? 27221 passwords/second on powerbook G4 on OS X and 66415 passwords/second on dual G4 800mhz on OS 9.2.

*The cracker is able to read wordlists up to 2 GB.

MHW is dedicated to any users or administrators who want to check the resistance of their password os 0S X or any other system using DES encryption.

MHW is the fastest ever made and the only password cracker created for OS 9 and OS X in a single version. This version includes in “goodies” the source code for an exploit known as Â?malvolenceÂ? (dump passwd to a text file).

MHW 1.1 is available for download now

Systeme requierements:

-OS 9.x or OS X (server or workstation) is recommended

-latest of version of CarbonLib

credit: Code511 IT security

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