Real Network Security Risks Remain Underestimated, Despite Attention to Hackers, Viruses, Web Site Attacks

STERLING, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sept. 10, 2001–

Depth of Today’s Challenges Explored in “Enterprise Security”

White Paper from Cryptek Secure Communications

WHAT: “An Inside Out Look at Enterprise Security” – a white paper

by Cryptek Secure Communications is now available. Despite

attention to hackers, viruses and sensational Web site

attacks, the most serious security threats still go

unaddressed. Learn about enterprise security oversights and

the next generation solutions for protecting trade secrets,

patents, business plans, databases and other invaluable

corporate information assets in today’s networked economy.

WHO: Cryptek Secure Communications, LLC (

provides network security solutions that offer today’s

highest level of protection for information assets.

DiamondTEK(TM), Cryptek’s flagship security solution, is a

centrally managed system of easy-to-deploy, interoperable

hardware components that utilizes proprietary technologies

combined with the features of point security products to

create a single best-of-breed offering. Designed to protect

information from the inside out, DiamondTEK provides the

longest and most trusted access path possible and removes

the remaining hurdles to the secure access of corporate data

by partners, customers, and employees. With these hurdles

removed, organizations can safely launch network-based

initiatives while increasing productivity, reducing costs,

and expanding market opportunities. Cryptek designed the

DiamondTEK solution from network security technology that

earned the National Security Agency’s (NSA) B2 security

rating. Founded in 1986, Cryptek is a privately held company

located in Sterling, Va.


EXPERT: John Garber – Cryptek’s chief strategic officer, who

previously worked for the National Security Agency and holds

several security technology patents, is available to comment

on the paper and other important security issues including:

— The government’s role in creating policies to promote

enterprise information security

— Why network security needs to be designed from the


— Why securing network perimeter is not enough

— Why network security needs to be centrally managed

— Why software-only-based security solutions are inherently


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