Strong Demand for EMS-global and Lockstep’s Internet Security Products

London, UK – 17 October. EMS-global Europe Ltd (“EMS-global”), the global technology security and managed services company, announces strong and continuing demand for Lockstep’s WebAgain and SiteRecorder products for the monitoring and protection of corporate web sites. EMS-global was appointed as the sole UK reseller of Lockstep’s suite of web based monitoring products in September 2001.

EMS-global was appointed as sole representative for Lockstep’s products because of their perfect fit with EMS-global’s core product Patriarch. Patriarch is a fully outsourced and proactively managed security service that provides rich online functionality as a complete solution for secure connectivity and participation to the online world. Patriarch enables corporates to securely connect and communicate over the Internet.

Brian Pennington, IT Security Consultant at EMS-global said “Both WebAgain and SiteRecorder are of the most cost-effective security tools on the market and a perfect fit with our Patriarch product. WebAgain and SiteRecorder are simple to install and combined with Patriarch provides effective in protecting an organisation’s web site and online reputation. Patriarch, WebAgain and SiteRecorder are essential tools in the armory of every IT manager and security officer.”

The EMS-global Patriarch product is the gateway between internal and external networks, providing corporates with a flexible and secure framework enabling them to connect to the Internet with confidence. The Patriarch service provides all the elements required to provide secure connectivity outside the enterprise, including secure gateways to the Internet, Remote Access networks, Extranets, Mobile Access, Hosting environments, and User Access management.

The Lockstep WebAgain product automatically detects and repairs unauthorized changes to a web site, using a unique, patent-pending process. Altered website content is quarantined for further review and appropriate people are automatically notified when unauthorized changes and the resulting fixes occur. This product is provided at an amazing price of Â?599.

The Lockstep SiteRecorder product builds a complete audit trail and archive of all web site content changes, while alerting appropriate parties when such changes occur. This enables a website to be restored to precisely the configuration it was at a certain date and time of your choice, thus supporting corporate security, disaster recovery and auditing strategies.

“EMS-global represents the type of experienced, customer-focused information security services firm that can best represent the Lockstep products to the business marketplace,” said Mark Dixon, Vice President of Business Development for Lockstep Systems. “We are confident that EMS-global’s security expertise, coupled with the unique strengths of Lockstep’s web site content protection products, will provide a valuable service to businesses in the United Kingdom. The Lockstep/EMS-global relationship will provide a strong foundation for Lockstep’s efforts to expand its business into Europe.”

For further information please call;

Brian Pennington

IT Security Consutlant EMS-global

Phone 0161 955 4758

Mobile 07876 440050

EMS-global is a world leader in the provision of outsourced security solutions, recognised as an essential technology partner who can stabilise and manage technology and facilitate the external network connectivity and online services required by enterprises in a dynamic market place. EMS-global brings together people, processes and technology to rapidly design and build simple solutions to solve complex IT and telecommunications challenges.

About Lockstep Systems, Inc.

Lockstep Systems, Inc., a privately held corporation, was founded in 1999 to develop and market e-continuity software utilities designed to ensure the integrity and continuity of electronic data for Internet presence companies. Lockstep Systems, WebAgain and SiteRecorder are trademarks of Lockstep Systems, Inc.

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