Zero-Knowledge Systems Announces Free Beta Of P3P Analyzer For Easily Testing And Tracking Website P3P Compliance

–Use P3P Analyzer To Scan URLs, Locate Compact Policies, Test Compliance With IE6 And Benchmark Other Sites–

New York, NY — Summit On Privacy, Security and Safety — March 5, 2002 — Security and privacy software provider Zero-Knowledge® Systems today announced the availability of P3P Analyzer, a web-based tool that enables corporate privacy officers to quickly and easily test and track their Website’s compliance with the Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) and its implementation in Internet Explorer 6. Initially, the tool will be offered in the form of a free Beta trial. P3P Analyzer, which requires no download or installation of software, is available at < >.

Businesses in every industry and country are working to ensure compliance across their Websites with Microsoft’s implementation of P3P in Internet Explorer 6. Those not implementing P3P in a manner that works with the default privacy settings of IE6 are finding parts of their sites broken and third party cookies discarded. This significantly diminishes the usability and value of their Websites. The Platform For Privacy Preferences (P3P) is an XML-based language enabling web sites to describe their privacy practices in a standard format that is understandable by a user agent, such as a Web browser. More information about P3P is available at

Zero-Knowledge’s P3P Analyzer is the only Web-based tool offering privacy officers and other interested parties the ability to analyze, monitor and report on the implementation of P3P throughout a Website. P3P Analyzer scans the URLs of a selected site to locate P3P Compact Policies and then reports on their usage and level of compliance with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6. Privacy officers can also use the tool to regularly check their site and track updates over time, while benchmarking against other sites of interest.

P3P Analyzer lets you know:

* If your Website is compliant with the default privacy settings in Internet Explorer 6

* At what privacy setting your Website “breaks” under Internet Explorer 6

* How your web site compares to others in the same market segment and from across the Web

“P3P compliance is a priority of almost every Chief Privacy Officer we meet with, especially Internet retailers. P3P Analyzer gives them an easy way to analyze and monitor their Website’s compliance with P3P, benchmark it against other sites, and learn more about the standard,” said John Beans, VP of Product Marketing, Enterprise Products at Zero-Knowledge Systems. “P3P Analyzer is the most easy-to-use tool enabling companies to meet the challenge of P3P compliance. Together with Zero-Knowledge’s Enterprise Privacy Manager it meets the most pressing privacy needs of businesses.”

P3P Analyzer is the latest enterprise privacy product from Zero-Knowledge Systems. In January the company announced the availability of Enterprise Privacy Manager (EPM). EPM enables corporate privacy and IT officers to easily and cost-effectively define, implement and manage corporate privacy policies and practices within the enterprise IT environment. By automating repetitive and time consuming tasks and providing powerful analytical, reporting and auditing features, EPM cuts the cost and complexity of regulatory compliance, while reducing risk and building brand. More information about EPM is available at

< >

About Zero-Knowledge Systems, Inc.

Zero-Knowledge® Systems ( is a provider of security and privacy solutions for consumers and businesses. Zero-Knowledge software enables consumers to protect their security and privacy on the Internet, and enables enterprises to manage the privacy of customer and employee information, lower the cost of privacy compliance, and build brand around consumer trust. The company’s product line includes Enterprise Privacy Manager (EPM) for business, and Freedom security and privacy software for consumers. EPM enables enterprises to easily and cost-effectively define, implement and manage corporate privacy policies and practices within the IT environment. Freedom security and privacy software allows individuals to retain their security and privacy while using the Internet. Zero-Knowledge Systems is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec with offices in San Francisco, California. Media can visit the online pressroom at

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