F-Secure introduces the ultimate security product family for NokiaCommunicators

For release April 16, 2002

F-Secure Corporation today introduced a family of security products for theNokia 9200 Communicator series. The product family includes three new highperformance security products: F-Secure FileCrypto, F-Secure SSH, and F-Secure Anti-Virus for Nokia 9200Communicator Series.

The Nokia Communicator is an advanced business tool for mobile professionals.It is used for creating, storing and transmitting confidential informationevery day. In case the Communicator is stolen or lost, reliable contentencryption is needed to ensure that the stored information remains protected.Mobile workers also need safe remote connections to corporate networkswithout revealing passwords and confidential data to outsiders. Automaticprotection against harmful content is required to prevent potential maliciouscode from spreading through the mobile devices.

“As business becomes increasingly mobile, the accompanying risks also grow.In today’s mobile business world, installing automatic security applicationsin all handheld devices is the only way to ensure that corporate informationis always protected. With the F-Secure product family for the Nokia 9200Communicator series, all Nokia Communicator users can enjoy a true mobilebusiness solution with the strongest available protection,” said RistoSiilasmaa, President and CEO of F-Secure Corporation.

“The Nokia 9200 Communicator series devices represent a complete mobilebusiness solution for corporations across the globe, and security issues area high priority for this customer segment. Our customers use Communicatorsfor a multitude of business applications, which require processing ofcritical information. The F-Secure solutions offer customers additionalsecurity for their business communications. These security applications arean excellent example of value added software solutions that complement ourmobile business offering,” said Pertti Korhonen, Senior Vice President,Mobile Software, Nokia.

F-Secure FileCrypto for Nokia 9200 Communicator Series and F-Secure SSH forNokia 9200 Communicator Series are available immediately through F-Secure.Both products will also be distributed through the Nokia Software Market, anonline shop where users can customize their Nokia Communicators withinnovative mobile applications specifically created for the device. Theproducts can be purchased and downloaded from www.softwaremarket.nokia.com byeither using the Nokia Communicator or a PC. F-Secure Anti-virus for Nokia9200 Communicator Series will be available during the second quarter of 2002.

F-Secure FileCrypto for Nokia 9200 Communicator Series is a contentencryption application that provides strong protection for NokiaCommunicators against unwanted data disclosure. It automatically encrypts allfiles before storing and decrypts the files again when they are opened,without any need for user intervention. Confidential documents, calendardata, mail messages and other personal files remain safe, even whenunauthorized persons get access to the device.

F-Secure SSH for Nokia 9200 Communicator Series provides secure Internetconnections for the mobile workforce. It allows true remote access to 3rdparty applications such as email and Intranet without security concerns. Theapplication can also be used for secure management of network servers andhosts regardless of time and place.

F-Secure Anti-Virus for Nokia 9200 Communicator Series is an antivirusapplication, which, together with a virus signature update service, providesfully automatic protection against viruses and harmful content in all filetypes. To prevent infection, all files are automatically intercepted andscanned when they are saved, copied, downloaded, synchronized or otherwisemodified.

All three products have been specifically developed for Nokia Communicatorsand optimized for the Nokia 9210i and the Nokia 9290 Communicators, whileoffering full functionality and backwards compatibility on the Nokia 9210Communicator as well.

F-Secure FileCrypto for Nokia 9200 Communicator Series and F-Secure SSH forNokia 9200 Communicator Series have been tested according to the Nokia OKconcept. The Nokia OK logo is the mark of mobility given to 3rd partyproducts and applications, which have been tested with a specified Nokiaproduct.

About F-Secure Corporation

F-Secure Corporation is a leading developer of centrally managed securitysolutions for the mobile enterprise. The company’s award-winning, integratedantivirus, file encryption and network security solutions for handhelds,laptops, desktops, servers, mail servers and firewalls provide centralizedpolicy based management of widely dispersed user communities. Founded in1988, F-Secure is listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange [HEX: FSC]. Corporateheadquarters is in Helsinki, Finland with North American headquarters in SanJose, California. The company maintains offices in Germany, Japan, Sweden andthe United Kingdom, and is supported by a network of VARs and Distributors inover 90 countries around the globe.

F-Secure is the world leader in creating content security solutions forhandheld devices. For more information about protecting your handheldterminals with F-Secure content security products, please visit http://www.F-Secure.com/wireless or contact wireless-info@F-Secure.com.

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