One of the Industry’s Fastest Biometric Identification Solutions, Matches 10,000 Fingerprints Per Second

Vilnius, Lithuania — Neurotechnologija, Ltd., a leading provider of biometric identification technology, announces the immediate availability of VeriFinger, a comprehensive fingerprint recognition technology that matches up to 10,000 fingerprints per second. VeriFinger’s high speed allows it to be used for both fingerprint identification and fingerprint verification. Designed for biometric system developers and integrators, the product easily integrates with existing security systems and works with all scanners, databases and user interfaces.

“The use of biometric identification systems for security, anti-fraud, law enforcement, physical access and other applications is becoming increasingly popular,” said Dr. Algimantas Malickas, CEO, Neurotechnologija. “But VeriFinger is the only cost-effective technology available today that not only matches 10,000 prints per second, but also can be easily implemented into low memory and low-cost hardware devices.”

VeriFinger is faster, more reliable and uses less memory than alternative identification technologies.

When running on a Pentium 1.5 GHz system, VeriFinger matches 10,000 fingerprints per second. Many competing technologies match only between 5 and 100 per second. In addition, the product’s complex algorithms ensure extremely reliable results: it achieved best reliability at last year’s First International Fingerprint Verification competition VeriFinger is also ideal for low memory Digital Signal Processors and other embedded applications because it requires only 512KB of memory.

VeriFinger software is currently licensed to companies in 38 countries around the world. It is available as a software developer’s kit (SDK) for Microsoft Windows. In addition, the VeriFinger source code is available for DSP-based applications, allowing developers to easily port the algorithm software to other operating systems or embedded applications.

VeriFinger is part of Neurotechnologija’s family of fingerprint recognition, eye iris recognition, pattern recognition and image processing software for biometric identification applications. Other Neurotechnologija biometric identification technologies include FingerPoint and VeriEye. Neurotechnologija also distributes comPARAprint â„?, which was developed by SIRCHIE Finger Print Lab in close collaboration with Neurotechnologija.

About Neurotechnologija
Neurotechnologija, Ltd. is a leading provider of biometric identification technologies. Security companies around the world integrate Neurotechnologija’s fingerprint identification technology into their existing products to create advanced access control, attendance control, law enforcement, banking, computer security, and other applications. Neurotechnologija was founded in 1990 in Vilnius, Lithuania. Since 1991, when it developed its first fingerprint identification system, Neurotechnologija has released more than 20 products and version upgrades for the biometric and law enforcement markets. For more information, visit

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