Kyberpass Teams with IBM to Deliver Trusted e-Payments Solution to Banks Around the World

Fully integrated solution leverages Kyberpass TrustPlatform to help Identrus banks conduct standards-based trusted B2B transactions

LONDON, June 19, 2002 – Kyberpass® Corporation today announced at the Identrus Participants Forum in London, that they are working with IBM to offer a fully integrated online trusted e-payments solution designed for Identrus member banks. This joint e-Payments offering will enable banks and other financial institutions to more easily adopt the standards-based Identrus framework to provide secure solutions to its customers using the Eleanor payments specification.

According to banking analyst firm TowerGroup, the volume of electronic payment requests will grow from roughly 80 billion in 2000 to over 120 billion by 2003, with the largest increases in the areas of cash management, billing, and accounts receivables.

Kyberpass will become a key technology provider to IBM’s trusted e-payments solution, part of the WebSphere Financial Network solution previewed on April 30th by IBM, that brings together all areas of expertise at IBM to enable trusted B2B e-payments for the buyer and seller and facilitated by the banks Under the terms of this relationship, Kyberpass has developed a new WebSphere® MQ Series interface for its Identrus Compliant Transaction Coordinator that will enable secure routing of all transactions.

“Kyberpass is seen as a technology leader in Identrus infrastructure components and we share their commitment to bringing privacy, security and trust to financial institutions transacting business on the Internet,” said Mark Greene, general manager, IBM Global Banking. “By working together to interoperate our components, IBM and Kyberpass are making it easier than before for banks to fully migrate to an electronic commerce model.”

“Kyberpass’ core competency is providing a platform for the integration of strong security and e-Commerce applications,” said Thomas Nolan, president and chief executive officer at Kyberpass. “Our relationship with IBM leverages our technology leadership in Identrus into a B2B e-Payments offering that provides participating banks an opportunity to easily create revenue generating applications that will have an immediate impact on a bank’s bottom line.”

About the Kyberpass TrustPlatform for the Identrus System
As the only complete Identrus infrastructure solution to be developed by a single vendor, the Kyberpass TrustPlatformâ„? for the Identrus System is a comprehensive suite of trust-enabling software infrastructure products for Identrus member financial institutions, Express Partners and application service providers. This single vendor solution allows organizations to quickly exploit the compelling value of the Identrus framework, without any development, use of PKI toolkits, or concern for interoperability issues. Its modular architecture and plug-and-play interfaces make it easy to rapidly and transparently integrate new and existing web business applications operating in any of the corners of the Identrus 4-corner model, and to add new XML value-added transaction services as they evolve. This proven architecture is designed for mission critical applications that need a high performance, reliable, scalable and flexible trust foundation.

The Kyberpass TrustPlatform for the Identrus System includes the following Identrus Compliant and Identrus Ready components:
· Kyberpass Trust Services Manager, performing the functions of an Identrus Transaction Coordinator and OCSP Responder for Issuing and Relying Participants (Financial Institutions)
· Kyberpass Trust Services Gateway, performing the function of an Identrus Digital Signature Messaging System (DSMS) for the Relying Customer (Sellers)
· Kyberpass K2 Trust Agent Plug-in, performing the function of an Identrus Signing Plug-in for Subscribing Customers (Buyers)
· Kyberpass K2 E-mail Agent Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook, performing the function of an Identrus Secure E-mail Plug-in for Subscribing Customers (Buyers) and Relying Customers (Sellers)

About Kyberpass Corporation
Kyberpass delivers a new generation of e-security TrustPlatforms for Identrus, B2B exchanges and e-government. With millions of licensed users around the world, Kyberpass’ award-winning security solutions seamlessly allow any application to take advantage of the full power of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), while automatically implementing customers’ unique security policies and dramatically simplifying administration. Kyberpass enables the implementation of a total security solution in a matter of days, rather than months or years. Kyberpass supports all major PKIs and provides the most flexible e-security infrastructure available on the market today. For more information, visit

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