Content Security Company Cobion AG introduces OrangeBox Web V1.2

“WebLearn” perfects URL-Filterlist

Kassel, Germany 28th June 2002. Cobion AG, leading provider of content security software today introduces version 1.2 of it’s internet filtering solution OrangeBox Web. By combining the fully automated methods of crawling the internet with it’s new Feature “WebLearn”, OrangeBox Web 1.2 represents the best possible approach to Internet Access Management. Cobion OrangeBox Web offers the furthest reaching and most reliable protection from non-company related or inappropriate internet content.

By choosing the WebLearn feature, companies and organizations can use WebLearn to optimize and expand the Cobion filter database for their individual needs. Websites visited at a company or organization that are unrecognized are automatically and anonymously sent to Cobions Global Data center for review. The websites are then added to the appropriate categories in the Cobion filterlist (COFS) which contains more than 13 million URLs.

The advantage is that by using WebLearn, the Cobion database will adapt to the surfing patterns of customers, ensuring that sites visited by employees are categorized and can be managed. With the daily update cycle each newly categorized website is provided to every Cobion user worldwide.

In addition to WebLearn, OrangeBox Web 1.2 introduces two more powerful new features. Both are as well designed to give administrators and employees more control over corporate Internet resources:

PassLock, the new feature of OrangeBox web 1.2, allows users to bypass blocked websites to assign individual internet access. PassLock can be easily activated manually by clicking on a button on the blocking site. PassLock allows temporary access to surf blocked websites for a 10 minute period. Each request will be logged and reported for administrative purposes.

Blocking by Extension
With “Blocking by Extension”, companies and organizations can reliably stop any audio, video, image files or other bandwith intensive documents from being downloaded into a company network.

Screenshots of the new features of OrangeBox Web 1.2 can be downloaded under

A free 30-Day Trial Version of OrangeBox 1.2 can be downloaded under

About Cobion AG
Cobion is the leading global developer of content security solutions on the internet. The company’s advanced technology applications include deep image searches for visual content on the Web, including symbols, signs, faces, or words within images.

Cobion’s Content Security Products protect corporate assets, reduce risk of illegal and unwanted content within a corporation, help to increase productivity and make your business more efficient. Cobion OrangeBox Web provides policy-based Internet Access Control and Internet content filtering to protect organizations, reduce risks and to increases employee productivity. Cobion OrangeBox Mail offers policy-based e-mail filtering and management to controls all ingoing and outgoing email content. It Increases security, protects valuable corporate assets and limits legal liability. Specific applications include Cobion’s industry leading Brand Protection Service; fine-grain filtering services; trademark searches; copyright enforcement; protection of licensed media properties; and packaged entertainment products. Cobion’s customers include adidas, ADAC, Dow Chemical, Daimler Chrysler, Carl Zeiss and global brand leaders in finance, consumer goods, luxury goods, beverages, licensed products, and leaders in media and entertainment. Cobion is headquarted in Kassel, Germany, with a North American office in San Francisco, California.

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