Intrusion SecureNet Provider 2.0 Delivers Industry Leading Intrusion Detection Data Mining and Management

RICHARDSON, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–July 29, 2002–With Intrusion SecureNet Provider 2.0 the entire Intrusion SecureNet System is centrally managed and monitored along with the monitoring of the innovative Intrusion SecureHost intrusion detection and prevention system.

Complementing its leading line of appliance based network intrusion detection sensors, Intrusion Inc. (NASDAQ:INTZ), a leading provider of intrusion detection solutions for the information-driven economy, today announced the Intrusion SecureNet Provider 2.0 IDS management and monitoring system. The SecureNet Provider system is a huge upgrade from an already leading data-mining tool and now includes a new forensics module, a substantially enhanced policy editor and a more robust centralized software deployment capability. Provider 2.0 also integrates the event information from both the Intrusion SecureNet network, and SecureHost host intrusion detection systems so both systems are centrally monitored with the powerful Provider Client.

“With a tighter economy, intrusion detection users are looking for a single, central application to monitor more appropriately scaled and priced network sensors, and more powerful, prevention oriented host agents,” said Ryon Packer, vice president of product management, business development and marketing for Intrusion Inc. “SecureNet Provider 2.0 brings the unified monitoring umbrella to Intrusion’s leading SecureNet and SecureHost IDS families with unique and powerful data-mining tools that follow the work-flow of the security professional like no other intrusion detection system.”

The Intrusion SecureNet Provider system is priced by number of network sensors covered, host agents are included at no cost. This provides the security professional unlimited flexibility in architecting data flow and management without being concerned with cost per server or database.

“Intrusion has made a critical advancement by creating a unified view of both host and network activities” notes Jason Wright, industry analyst for Frost & Sullivan. “Intrusion has taken yet another definitively competitive step forward in their product offering, which continues to position the company as a formidable competitor in the intrusion detection market.”

Intrusion SecureNet Provider 2.0 is a Microsoft Windows 2000 system of the Provider Manager, a Windows 2000 Server that processes event data and stores it in a Microsoft SQL 2000 database and the Provider Client, a Windows 2000 Workstation that is the security professional’s window to their intrusion detection world. A single-processor Manager can support up to 50 typical-use Sensors, and can be scaled to much broader or busier deployments.

Substantial improvements to the SecureNet Provider system include:

— Forensics Module: when an event of interest has been identified in the monitoring interface, the Forensics Module provides the tools to delve more deeply into historical data to find corollary details and trend information. Forensics also provides summary information about the top Attacks, offending IPs, attacked IPs and other analysis that helps the security professional understand and convey hot spots in the network.

— Policy Editing: a tremendous improvement has been made in creating and editing policies for the SecureNet Sensors. The Policy Editing application can be optionally installed to separate engineering and operations tasks. It allows the creation of policies from the Intrusion signature packs and custom signatures allowing the security professional to easily tailor the detection abilities of the System.

— Software and Policy Distribution: like the policy editor, software distribution is optionally installed enabling the separation of engineering and operations tasks. The application can distribute software and policies to 2,500 Sensors from a central location allowing the security professional to administrate vast numbers of broadly deployed sensors from a single location.

Pricing and Availability

Intrusion SecureNet Provider 2.0 is available now starting with prices based on the number of network IDS sensors covered, with enterprise licenses available. The SecureNet Provider system supports the entire line of Intrusion IDS products including SecureHost Agents for Servers and Desktops, the Intrusion SecureNet CC 7345, the only network IDS listed under evaluation for Common Criteria, SecureNet 7145 for Gigabit networks, SecureNet 5545 for saturated 100Mb/s networks, SecureNet 2445 for average usage 100Mb/s networks, SecureNet 2245 for 10Mb/s networks and the exclusive SecureNet SP sensor specifically built for the Service Provider, Managed IDS services.

About Intrusion Inc.

Intrusion Inc. is a leading global provider of enterprise security solutions for the information-driven economy. Intrusion’s suite of security products help businesses protect critical information assets by quickly detecting, analyzing and responding to network- and host-based attacks. The company’s products include intrusion detection and vulnerability assessment systems, and modular, scalable security appliances for Check Point Software Technologies’ market-leading VPN-1(R)/FireWall-1(R).

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