Department of Veterans Affairs Awards Landmark Cyber Security Contract to Small Business Venture led by SecureInfo Corporation

New Incident Response Center Establishes Leadership Role in Governmental Cyber Security

WASHINGTON, DC – August 9, 2002 – The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) today announced the award of their landmark Computer Incident Response Center (VA-CIRC) contract to VAST, LLC (VAST), a joint venture led by global cyber security solutions pioneer SecureInfo Corporation. Incident response operations were established immediately, and upon full implementation, the VA-CIRC will be the most advanced comprehensive security program of its kind in the world. “Complete privacy is the bedrock of this initiative,” said Dr. John A. Gauss, VA Assistant Secretary for Information and Technology. “We are confident that the VAST team understands the requirements and has established the expertise, tools and technologies to satisfy all aspects of this ambitious project. Our mission is to launch a new global standard in cyber security, and we believe the right team is now in place to accomplish our ultimate “ONE-VA” goal of protecting our customers’ personal electronic information at all costs.”

VAST, along with its proven business partners, will plan, establish and manage a state-of-the-art computer incident response center. The center will become the nucleus of all VA information and Internet security operations nationwide, providing continuous protection, detection and response capabilities against threats, remotely exploitable vulnerabilities and real-time incidents on all VA-affiliated networks. A global “early warning” information-sharing network, in cooperation with leading homeland defense, law enforcement, federal, vendor, university and emergency response related incident analysis and validation laboratories will also be implemented. “The VA’s meticulous information security initiative signals a major advancement in the protection of private electronic information for the American public, and we expect that

other federal agencies and global business leaders will follow this trend in the near future,” said John Linton, Chief Operating Officer for SecureInfo Corporation and VAST, LLC, General Manager. “We have established a world-class computer security team that is focused on making sure that the VA, as a vital component in the lives of many Americans, is prepared to face the growing trend of computer related crime and cyber-terrorism that threatens our nation’s critical infrastructures.”

The initial contract calls for services valued at $103 million over the 11-year term of the agreement, with expectations by both the VA and VAST that additional services could be required bringing the long-term commitment to more than $250 million.

“Our country’s veterans have sacrificed much to ensure that our children and families are able to enjoy a safe, prosperous future,” said Dr. Frank Perry, VA Chief Technology Officer. “In return, the department is committed to making this future a reality by ensuring that the agency’s nationwide network of computerized services remain secure, readily available and focused on the continued growth of our organization and its people.”

Bruce Brody, VA Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Cyber Security, said the new initiative will directly utilize the latest innovations in cyber security, managed by some of the most experienced professionals in the industry. “Our customers can rest assured that we will do everything within our power to protect their critical private information from unauthorized access,” he added.

The need for such security measures was reiterated by Robert Pate, VA Computer Incident Response Capability Team Leader. “In today’s world of Internet uncertainty, every passing week reveals another episode of malicious hackers and cyber-terrorists exploiting vulnerable networks across the globe,” he said. “Through a combination of proactive prevention, real-time detection and immediate response, the VA-CIRC will now effectively protect those veterans that have protected our country throughout its history.”

With 25.3 million current active Veterans and a quarter of the nation’s population (approximately 70 million people) eligible for VA benefits, the Department of Veterans Affairs is the second largest Cabinet Department in the United States.

Led by SecureInfo Corporation, VAST (VA Security Team) qualified business partners include Adtech Systems (San Antonio, TX), Applied Engineering Management Corporation (Chantilly, VA), DSD Laboratories (Sudbury, MA), Seidcon (Oceanside, CA) and TeamBI Solutions (Falls Church, VA). Additional information on the VAST team is available at

About The Department of Veterans Affairs
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) was established in 1989. It succeeded the Veterans Administration and has responsibility for providing federal benefits to veterans and their dependents. Headed by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, VA is the second largest of the 14 Cabinet Departments and operates nationwide programs of health care, financial assistance and national cemeteries. Additional information about the VA is available at

About SecureInfo Corporation
Founded in 1992, SecureInfo Corporation is the pioneer and global leader in providing comprehensive cyber security solutions and automated vulnerability management products that proactively protect complex heterogeneous enterprise networks. The company’s latest technical development, InSiteEVM, is the industry’s first asset-based enterprise vulnerability management system designed to promote vulnerability mitigation and enterprise reporting for each individual network node. As the number and complexity of security vulnerabilities continues to hinder their manageability, InSiteEVM offers filtered early warning notifications, delivered in an actionable format, with complete management reporting capabilities and end-user accountability. Additional information is available at

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