Trend Micro First to Offer Comprehensive, End-to-end Virus Protection for the Enterprise Linux Environment

Extended offerings for rapidly growing Linux market are part of continuing Trend Micro Enterprise Protection Strategy initiative

San Francisco, CA – August 13, 2002. Trend Micro (Nasdaq: TMIC; TSE: 4704), a leader in network antivirus and Internet content security software and services, announces its extended support for the Linux environment at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo. With its release of Trend Micro(tm) ScanMail?” for Lotus Notes(tm) running on IBM Domino(tm) Server on Linux, Trend Micro becomes the first to provide virus protection at the Internet gateway, groupware, and file servers running on the Linux operating system. The expansion of these offerings also represents the first step in broadening the Trend Micro Enterprise Protection Strategy to include the enterprise Linux environment.

Based on a recent IDC forecast, the Linux market is expected to grow at an almost 30% CAGR[1]. The increasing deployment of Linux for mission-critical IT applications highlights the need for antivirus vendors to provide enterprise-class virus protection to their customers. According to David Rowe, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing at Trend Micro, “Viruses do not discriminate; just because enterprise customers are now running Linux operating systems, it does not mean that their network environments are immune from infection. Trend Micro is committed to serving the needs of the rapidly growing Linux communities.”

Since 1999, Trend Micro has delivered antivirus products designed for the Linux environment, with the introduction of Trend Micro InterScan(tm) VirusWall(tm) for Linux to protect the Internet gateway. The company later introduced Trend Micro ServerProtect(tm) for Linux to protect Linux-based file servers, and most recently announced the availability of Trend Micro ScanMail for Lotus Notes running on IBM Lotus Domino for Linux.

In addition, Trend Micro’s Linux-based products are designed to support best-of-breed hardware, software, and application providers to offer complete, highly integrated security solutions for enterprise customers. This support has attracted companies like IBM, HP and Sun Microsystems to work closely with Trend Micro for virus protection on the Linux platform.

“We are very pleased with the new version of Trend Micro ScanMail for Lotus Notes designed for the Linux Operating System,” said Gert-Jan Kalberg of AedifiComm, a company providing IT consultancy and software solutions to organizations worldwide. “It provides all the features and capabilities we need to combat viruses. It is very fast, scalable and designed to address the needs of the Linux communities. We recommend ScanMail for Lotus Notes to our customers and anyone else running Linux on their environment.”

The expansion of its Linux product line also marks the beginning of Trend Micro’s development of products and services that bring the benefits of Trend Micro Enterprise Protection Strategy to Linux users. Trend Micro Enterprise Protection Strategy redefines virus protection by providing customers with a flexible architecture for an unprecedented approach to proactive outbreak management. Through the use of Trend Micro products and services, customers can utilize centralized deployment of outbreak-specific detection, protection, assessment, and cleanup strategies throughout the network in real-time.

“Trend Micro’s commitment to delivering tools and services that allow customers to effectively manage their security policy throughout the virus outbreak lifecycle is reflected in our continued development of antivirus products for Linux,” said Rowe.

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