VIA NET.WORKS UK Launches Managed E-Mail Anti-Virus Service

Virus Protection at the Internet Level is Vital for Business Continuity

3 September, 2002, Reading, UK – VIA NET.WORKS UK (VIA), a single-source provider of managed Internet services for business, is launching a new managed Internet security service enabling small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to be protected from computer viruses spread by e-mail. With 85% of current viruses propagating by e-mail (1), VIA is helping to tackle the virus problem by providing virus protection at the service provider level. Using technology from Sophos, specialist developer of anti-virus protection for businesses, VIA’s Managed E-mail Anti-Virus Service scans customers’ e-mails as they pass through VIA UK’s mail servers, preventing known viruses and malicious code from reaching business organisations.

“Computer viruses pose a considerable threat to everyday business continuity; infection can bring down a network, damage important data and harm a business’ credibility,” said Jeff Meulman, Managing Director of VIA NET.WORKS UK. “For SMEs, keeping anti-virus systems up to date and in line with emerging threats can become a major drain on internal IT resources. Outsourcing e-mail anti-virus protection to a trusted provider ensures that protection against each new virus is activated in the shortest possible timeframe, and most importantly, stops the main source of virus infection from reaching users’ inboxes.”

VIA’s Managed E-mail Anti-Virus Service provides up-to-date virus protection together with an online incident reporting tool where users can view summaries of viruses detected by the service. Virus protection at the Internet e-mail gateway provided by VIA’s new service is designed to complement an organisation’s existing virus scanning software on desktop or laptop computers and internal servers. VIA plans to develop additional managed e-mail solutions to meet customers’ needs and requirements.

VIA’s virus scanning service is based upon an award-winning solution from Sophos, which has been proven to detect 100% of the viruses in the wild in independent laboratory tests (2). The total number of viruses, Trojans and worms Sophos protects against currently stands at more than 75,000.

“Businesses have to remain vigilant as viruses continue to be a major threat,” said Richard Baldry, product manager at Sophos Anti-Virus. “By putting our proven anti-virus technology at the front line to scan external e-mails, VIA NET.WORKS’ customers can enjoy greater peace of mind knowing e-mails sent and received are not infected.”

“The ease and cost effectiveness of using e-mail has made it a business necessity, but there is always a catch,” continued Meulman. “In a recent customer survey, VIA found that 68% of SMEs considered e-mail borne viruses a threat to their business operations. Our Sophos-based anti-virus solution is addressing this fear, enabling businesses to concentrate instead on their core activities.”

VIA’s Managed E-mail Anti-Virus Service is the latest addition to its Managed Security Services portfolio. VIA’s Managed Security Services provides cost-effective, 24×7 monitoring and management of online security systems for SMEs, and include firewall management, VPN management, online security audits and network vulnerability testing.

VIA’s Managed E-mail Anti-Virus Service is available now from 13.50* UK Pounds per user per annum.

* VIA’s Managed E-mail Anti-Virus Service is subject to VIA’s Terms and Conditions. Prices are provided as a guide only and are subject to change. Quotations can be obtained by contacting VIA UK Sales on 0845 330 4975.

About Sophos
Sophos is one of the world’s largest specialist developers of anti-virus software. Headquartered in the UK, its products are sold and supported through a global network of subsidiaries and partners in more than 150 countries. Sophos solutions are specifically designed to protect businesses and organisations from virus attack. The company’s products are widely deployed by large corporations, banks and governments.

VIA NET.WORKS UK serves business customers from facilities in Warrington, Staines and Reading. VIA UK offer a complete suite of managed Internet services including high capacity connectivity such as leased lines, ISDN, and ADSL; hosting services including virtual, co-located, and dedicated solutions on Microsoft(r) Windows 2000(r), LINUX(r), and Sun Solaris(tm) platforms; as well as e-commerce development and integration, VPNs, global roaming services and professional consulting services. For more information, contact VIA Sales on 0845 330 4975 or visit

VIA NET.WORKS, Inc. (Nasdaq and EASE: VNWI) is a single-source provider of managed Internet services for businesses, with operations in North America and Europe.

VIA local operations offer a comprehensive portfolio of flexible and reliable managed Internet services encompassing areas such as connectivity, hosting, security, messaging, and professional services. VIA is a facilities-based Internet services company, managing its own backbone network. This unique combination – the agility of a local, customer-focused company and the reliability of an international high-speed network – allows VIA to be highly responsive to specific customer needs and to deliver quality solutions. VIA is headquartered at 12100 Sunset Hills Road, Reston, Virginia, USA, 20190. More information about VIA can be obtained by visiting our website at

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