Trend Micro Ships Next Generation Enterprise Scale Web Virus Protection Solution

InterScan WebProtect delivers 5 times performance improvement over existing solutions in virus scanning of Web traffic

CUPERTINO, CA, SEPTEMBER 17th 2002 – Trend Micro (Nasdaq: TMIC, TSE: 4704), a worldwide leader in network antivirus and Internet content security solutions for the business enterprise is pleased to announce the availability of InterScan WebProtect 1.0 for ICAP. InterScan WebProtect for ICAP provides Web virus protection at the gateway for enterprises with Web caching solutions that support Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) 1.0. Internal tests show that the integrated solution provides up to 5 times improvement in throughput over previously available Web virus scanning solutions.

Internet-based viruses are on the rise and accounted for nearly 20% of all virus attacks last year.[1] Blended threats, such as NIMDA and CodeRed, used Internet protocol elements to spread and infect. They caused more than $3B in worldwide damages last year.[2] In addition, infected files can use the Web to enter organizations when employees access their Web-based email accounts at work or at home.

As companies are constantly improving the speed of their Internet access the potential latency caused by the introduction of applications affecting performance has come under more scrutiny. For this reason, Trend Micro has teamed with technology partners to dramatically improve the performance of real-time virus scanning of Web traffic. InterScan WebProtect is able to deliver as much as a 500% throughput improvement in a typical scenario by tightly integrating with ICAP 1.0-compliant Web caching devices from Blue Coat Systems (formerly CacheFlow), Inc (Nasdaq: BCSI) and Network Appliance, Inc (Nasdaq: NTAP). Trend Micro is the first major antivirus vendor to adopt ICAP 1.0 and to release a product that can offer the performance gains of a cache-integrated antivirus solution.

“ICAP 1.0 is a powerful enabler for Web based services that provides for efficient communication between Web appliance and network-based applications,” says Lee Duggs, President of the ICAP Forum. “Trend Micro InterScan WebProtect 1.0 for ICAP interoperates with ICAP compliant web caching appliances to provide comprehensive and scaleable Enterprise wide data protection against Web based viruses.”

InterScan WebProtect can be easily deployed to work with an organization’s existing ICAP 1.0-compliant caching device. Whenever employees access the Internet, the Web content is retrieved by the caching device and sent to the InterScan WebProtect server for virus scanning. If the content is determined to be free of viruses or can be cleaned, the clean content is then cached and delivered to the end user. The cached content becomes available for future user requests and does not have to be re-scanned for viruses. The combined solution provides the ability to “scan once, serve many times,” resulting in the following:

· High performance utilizing the caching and ICAP 1.0 features
· Enhanced scalability with the load balancing feature of ICAP 1.0
· Ease of deployment through ICAP integration

“If our customers can deploy virus protection at the HTTP gateway they will lessen the risk of exposure to unwarranted risks from malicious code,” says SS Lim, Managing Director for PTC Systems, one of Singapore’s top IT consulting firms. “This is particularly important with the increase in blended threats such as CodeRed and Nimda. The challenge for our customers was to find a [antivirus] solution that didn’t hinder end user’s Internet access experience. With InterScan WebProtect 1.0 for ICAP, we were able to help them secure this entry point without disrupting Internet usage. This is the only antivirus solution on the market that we can trust to perform and scale to our expected client needs of over 50,000 users.” For more Information about PTC please see:

Pricing and Availability
InterScan WebProtect 1.0 for ICAP is now available worldwide as a download from Trend Micro’s Web site and has a suggested retail price of $8.80 USD per protected user for a 1000-user license. For more information please visit or call the Trend Micro customer service center at 877-TREND-AV (North America only).

About ICAP
The ICAP Forum is hosted by Akamai Technologies and Network Appliance, and is joined by leading Internet companies including content-delivery service providers, application developers, and Internet infrastructure companies. More information on ICAP and how to participate in development of the protocol are available on the ICAP Web site at

About Trend Micro

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