The European IT Oscar Goes To BitDefender

European elite rewards innovation in technology

Bucharest, Romania – September 23, 2002 – BitDefender, a European technological leader in antivirus security software and services, today announces its nomination as a Winner to the greatest European competition for IT excellence and innovation: The European Information Society Technologies Prize. The contest proved technical superiority of BitDefender Professional, a recently launched brand in the computer antivirus industry, placing it in the European privileged group of technological leaders.

“The 20 best applicants in terms of the criteria: technical excellence, innovative content, potential market value and capacity to generate new jobs have been selected as Winners by the European IST Prize evaluation group of high-level experts” states the Euro-Case release.

“The BitDefender technologies, built on an 8-year study of malicious code’s activity and a hard work, brought an incredibly radical conversion from the exclusive virus definition-based scanning, to a more efficient way to find every possible malicious application, integrating a behavior blocker as a main antivirus scanning feature” says Bogdan Dumitru, CTO at BitDefender.

“We welcome this award as an acknowledgement of our work and we promise our users to continually research and develop new techniques to improve – secure the new Information Society” Bogdan concluded.

It was the first time that the European Commission IST project awarded an antivirus solution for its technologies, for being the first to implement in such application a virus detection feature based on codes’ behavior.

European forum’s members showed great surprise to see – for the first time since the competition’s start – one of the awards going to an East-European company, in Romania. The Romanian Academy, Romanian government, together with the representative in Romania of the European Commission, also have been pleasantly surprised by this great European achievement, indicating the beginning of a new success story.

Founded in 1990, SOFTWIN is a leading provider of PC software and computer-related services. The company has developed and applied cutting-edge technologies in over 3000 software applications and data conversion projects for clients in the United States and Europe. BitDefender, its flagship product, is only the third product of its kind in the world to receive ICSA certification for Windows XP. SOFTWIN is headquartered in Bucharest, Romania, and employs more than 450.

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About BitDefender
The mission of the SOFTWIN’s Data Security Division is to ensure the protection of systems against computer viruses, to do antivirus research, to develop new technologies for monitoring all possible ways to infect a system and, last but not least, to educate the IT public of the danger of computer viruses. Launched as a new brand in November 2001, BitDefender inherits the antivirus technologies from the AVX (AntiVirus eXpert), now providing security solutions to satisfy the protection requirements of today’s business environment, enabling management of all complex threats that endanger a network, from a small local area to large multi-server, multi-platform WAN’s.

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