London City Secures Airport Access With Daon’s Biometric Fingerprint Scanners

London City Airport has chosen Daon, the identity management company, to enhance its airport security and protect passengers and staff with the implementation of a biometric physical access system. The new system will verify the identity of all 1,600 London City Airport employees, by non-repudiable authentication to assure the verification of the individual – not just relying on an electronic ID card or secret password. The Daon system incorporates a range of authentication methods, including fingerprint, iris or voice. Daon is a client of Enterprise Ireland, the Irish government’s trade and technology body.

Daon will integrate the DaonEngine system into London City’s existing physical access control facilities, increasing security to the restricted zones. Once the system is installed at London City Airport, all members of staff wishing to enter a secure or restricted zone will have to present a photo ID pass to an electronic card reader and have fingerprints checked by the DaonEngine, which will confirm their identity and authorise access or deny access should a discrepancy occur.

“Since the tragic events of September 11th 2001, the safety and security of the world’s civil aviation systems has taken on a greater urgency,” said Richard Gooding, Managing Director at London City Airport. At London City Airport we have focused on how we can strengthen our security. We faced immediate challenges in identifying and addressing security issues, including staffing, control of costs and efficiency.

“Over the last six months our security team has been working very closely with Daon and has selected its secure Biometric Authentication Engine, the DaonEngine, one of the most advanced and secure biometric solutions available. Security is a vital part of the airport’s operation and we will continue to look at new technical enhancements to assist in preventing unauthorised access to the airport and aircraft to ensure safety and security of passengers and staff,” continued Gooding.

“We are very pleased to be working with London City Airport. Our identity management system, which is to be installed at London City next month, will make this airport one of the most secure in Europe,” said Oliver Tattan, Chief Executive Officer at Daon.

The use of biometrics (individual human characteristics) ensures that individuals within an organisation can assert only their own identity. Daon’s solution allows London City Airport to decide on the level of authentication required in order to gain access to the restricted and secure zones.

Daon will provide a demonstration of DaonEngine at the AoA conference in Brighton at 3pm on October.

About Daon
Daon designs, develops and markets secure authentication solutions. The company’s flagship product DaonEngine is the most secure, scalable and high availability (24/7/365) biometric authentication solution in the marketplace today. Designed to address market demands for enhanced security and accountability the company offers enterprises a unique and integrated approach to biometric authentication. Daon’s solutions integrate with existing security systems such as PKI, smart cards and other PIN/password based systems to provide a heightened level of security and non-repudiation, and reduced risk of fraud. DaonEngine forms the central part of a unique biometric identity management solution that manages the full biometric authentication lifecycle including capture, data management, assertion, protection and issuance. In addition DaonEngine is designed to connect with leading applications including Windows, Siebel and Documentum. Daon partners with IBM, Tivoli, and Documentum

About Enterprise Ireland
Enterprise Ireland is an Irish government organisation created to assist the development of Irish business both nationally and internationally. Working in partnership with Irish companies, Enterprise Ireland provides a range of services including export marketing, technology, enterprise development and business training. It has 30 overseas offices in Europe, Asia/Pacific and the US. Johnson King implements a PR campaign on behalf of Enterprise Ireland, promoting the Irish IT and telecommunications sector to the UK media.

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