RSA Security collaborates with AMD to boost security

RSA Security Inc. announced they are collaborating with Advanced Micro Devices to deliver optimized encryption software for current AMD Athlon processors and upcoming AMD processors based on Hammer technology.

RSA Security’s encryption software will be optimized for current AMD Athlon processors, and for both 32-bit and 64-bit modes on upcoming AMD Opteron processors to help AMD’s software infrastructure partners achieve greater performance benefits with encryption software.

AMD expects this performance improvement not only to help AMD’s existing partners and customers, but also to make it more compelling for new partners and customers to migrate to the AMD’s x86-64 platform.

RSA Security is working closely with AMD to optimize RSA BSAFE Crypto-C and RSA BSAFE Crypto-C Micro Edition encryption software to provide superior performance and availability to software developers to protect their critical applications. Optimized for x86-64 technology, the upcoming RSA Security encryption software products will be built to provide significant performance improvements for real-world 64-bit applications including secure transactions and encryption/decryption, while also offering users a native, smooth transition from 32-bit to 64-bit computing.

“AMD is collaborating with RSA Security to maximize the performance of their market-leading encryption products for systems based on our current and upcoming AMD processors,” said Ed Gasiorowski, AMD’s director of the AMD Infrastructure Enablement Group. “The combination of AMD and RSA Security technologies provides our shared enterprise customers world-class power and stability, and we expect our upcoming 64-bit compatible products to be key in meeting the demands of the rapidly-evolving market.”

For more information on the upcoming AMD Opteron processor check out Fred Weber’s presentation at Microprocessor Forum 2002.

More information on RSA products:

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