Activcard Introduces New Corporate Access Card (CAC) Solution Suites For Microsoft Windows And Sun Solaris At Cartes 2002

Commercialization of U.S. Department of Defense Solution Provides Enterprise Customers With Government-Strength Identity Management

PARIS, France – November 5, 2002 – ActivCard® (NASDAQ: ACTI/NASDAQ Europe: ACTI), the leader in IDentity Management (IDM) software, today unveiled the ActivCard Corporate Access Cardâ„? (CAC) Solution Suites at the Cartes 2002 international trade show. The ActivCard CAC Solution Suites include the hardware, software and services that companies need to easily issue and manage multi-function ‘smart’ identification (ID) badges that improve network security dramatically while reducing IT help desk costs and increasing employee productivity.

The CAC Solution Suites are based on the ActivCard technology platform used by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to manage its deployment of 4.3 million smart card IDs known as the Common Access Card, the world’s largest deployment of multi-application smart card-based ID badges. Designed specifically to enhance security for the most widely deployed enterprise IT and digital identity infrastructures, Corporate Access Card Solution Suites are available in two versions – the ActivCard CAC Solution Suite for Microsoft® Windows® and the ActivCard CAC Solution Suite for Sunâ„? Solarisâ„?.

Corporate Access Cards deployed using the new ActivCard CAC Solution Suites can consolidate employee credentials onto a single, secure smart card that is a photo ID as well as a security device that enables secure Windows and network login, PC ‘locking’, secure remote access (VPN), secure email with digital signatures and a variety of other desktop and network security applications. Employees also can access buildings and facilities with their cards for a truly consolidated security solution.

The CAC Solution Suites provide Return On Identityâ„? – an ROI based on reduced costs, user convenience, and the increased security that comes from knowing with certainty who is accessing the company’s systems and services. Compared to the steep help desk costs of password-based solutions, the CAC Solution Suites minimize the time, costs and people needed to issue and support a strong IT security deployment.

“Enterprise IT managers are tasked with increasing security while reducing costs, and the CAC Solution Suites for Sun and Microsoft accomplish both objectives,” said Ed MacBeth, ActivCard Senior Vice President of Marketing. “ActivCard CAC Solution Suites make the deployment, administration, support and use of smart ID cards extremely manageable through centralized, web-based administration, employee self-service help desk and issuance capabilities and a user-friendly desktop client.”

Leveraging Existing Digital Identity Infrastructure
ActivCard CAC Solution Suites allow enterprises to take advantage of the digital identity capabilities within their existing Microsoft or Sun applications. The CAC Solution Suites also can integrate with popular third party PKI and directory services.

ActivCard CAC Solutions Suites are available as follows:

CAC Solution Suite for Microsoft Windows:

An ideal solution for mid-size companies using Microsoft Active Directoryâ„?
Designed specifically for companies with Microsoft Windows 2000 server environments, the CAC Solution Suite integrates with Microsoft Active Directory, allows easy use of Microsoft Certificate Authority, uses Microsoft SQL Server and also supports third party certificate services
-ActivCard Identity Management Systemâ„? – Standard Edition 2.1 for card and credential provisioning and management
-ActivCard Goldâ„? 2.2 middleware to enable employee desktop security applications
-Java Cardâ„? smart cards, including ActivCard CAC Applets – card-based applications providing enhanced card security
-Smart card readers for desktop and notebook computers.

CAC Solution Suite for Sun Solaris

An ideal solution for large companies with heterogeneous IT environments
Designed for companies utilizing Sun ONE and other leading LDAP directories, CAC Solution Suites enables easy use of Sun ONE, Netscape and Entrust certificate authorities
-ActivCard Identity Management System – Enterprise Edition 3.1
-ActivCard Gold 2.2 middleware
-Java Card smart cards, including ActivCard CAC Applets
-Smart card readers for desktop and notebook computers
-Hardware Security Modules for enhanced security and scalability Optional Enhancements

ActivCard also provides additional products and services that extend the functionality of the CAC Solution Suites:

ActivCard AAA server, ActivPackâ„? 5.1, to add secure remote access capabilities
VeriSign certificates for outsourced PKI services across the Internet
Card printers and layout software to customize and print on the cards
Consulting and professional services to help plan, design, implement and test deployments.
The ActivCard Corporate Access Card Solution Suites are available immediately. For pricing and information, please call: 1.800.529.9499 or 510.574.0100 to speak with a sales person.
About ActivCard

ActivCard is the leader in IDentity Management (IDM) software for remote access, local access and digital identity card solutions. Our scalable IDM and strong authentication solutions are trusted by organizations – from enterprise to governments around the world. ActivCard IDM systems deliver maximum Return On Identityâ„? (ROI) through increased security, reduced cost, and user convenience. The modular product design allows our customers to add capabilities as required, preserving their investment.

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