Honeypot Best Practices security conference

The very first security conference ever dedicated to honeypot technologies is starting today in Las Vegas.

Key features and benefits of this event:

  • Hear multiple in depth case studies from honeypot and intrusion detection experts
  • Hear from the makers and users of Honeyd, LaBrea, Tiny Honeypot, ManTrap, and others
  • Learn how to successfully integrate a honeypot into your existing network and information security systems
  • Honeypot tools and techniques: Hear what the developers and practitioners are using
  • Understand privacy and liability issues as they relate to honeypots
  • Learn how to analyze and protect honeypot data for prosecution of the attackers

The conference brochure and agenda can be downloaded in PDF format here.

There will be a book signing session immediately following the first day sessions. Authors of the books Know Your Enemy (written by the Honeynet Project) and Honeypots: Tracking Hackers (written by Lance Spitzner) will be onsite for a book signing.

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