Ubizen Pioneers The Security Dashboard And Leads The Market With Third Generation Managed Security Services Environment

Ubizen OnlineGuardian Services Add Support for Policy Compliance Managers to Monitor Critical Systems for Security Compliance

Ubizen(r), the principal provider of Managed Security Solutions (MSS) for global businesses, has announced the release of Ubizen OnlineGuardian(r) 3.0 services. The enhanced service environment provides customers the most intelligent web portal, or Security Dashboard, with a comprehensive event overview for all security devices being monitored and/or managed by Ubizen, and creates incident-level reporting across a customers’ global network. The new service also introduces Ubizen OnlineGuardian Policy Compliance Management (PCM) support at the host-level.

“This unrivaled MSS technology combines reactive, real-time components with pro-active data at the server, network and application level,” explains Jason Wright, Industry Analyst for Frost & Sullivan. “This is an important differentiator, because it can block attacks before they cause harm to the enterprise. The goal of managed security should always be to increase the proactive nature of the security infrastructure.”

The new release of the Ubizen OnlineGuardian service environment is based on the third generation SEAM(tm) engine, a complete classification and correlation system, automatically handling millions of security events per week. The SEAM engine processes events from reactive security devices such as firewalls or intrusion detection probes as well as from proactive technologies such as vulnerability assessments and policy compliance managers. Classification and correlation of events is policy driven with customer specific policies taking into account the topology of each customer’s infrastructure. The SEAM engine also benefits from Ubizen’s security knowledge base maintained by the Security Intelligence Lab (SIL).

The Ubizen OnlineGuardian portal, or Security Dashboard, is designed to be the primary source of interaction for Ubizen customers and the focal point for conducting day-to-day information querying and reporting. The Security Dashboard implements a full portal strategy with all the user management features one may expect in large corporate environments, including granular authorisation and delegated administration. The Security Dashboard has dynamic content and can be customised and personalised to fit the information needs of both a technical security manager as well as a business oriented CSO or CIO. The portal enables customers to increase security awareness and to play an active role in directing the management of their security operations.

With V3 Ubizen OnlineGuardian services now add support for Policy Compliance Managers such as the Enterprise Security Manager(tm) product from Symantec, thereby responding to the growing realisation that a balanced approach to security requires not only reactive security devices such as firewalls and intrusion detection probes but also proactive technologies such as vulnerability assessments and policy compliance managers. Such proactive technologies can dramatically reduce the number of attacks that are successful and require a response. Combining support for both reactive as well as proactive security technologies puts Ubizen OnlineGuardian once more on the leading edge of Managed Security Services.

According to Guy Vancollie, Ubizen CMO, “Global organisations are looking to streamline company-wide risk management. Ubizen OnlineGuardian V3 provides our customers with a consolidated view of their global security posture with drill down capabilities to individual events. This allows our customers to harmonise incident response and escalation procedures across geographic regions and business units.”

About Ubizen
Ubizen is the principal provider of Managed Security Solutions for global businesses. Companies rely on Ubizen OnlineGuardian(r) services for outsourced management, monitoring and support of enterprise security devices 24x7x365. A Professional Services team complements Ubizen OnlineGuardian managed services, by helping enterprises plan and implement vulnerability assessments, security policies and security infrastructures. Ubizen also protects Web servers against application-level attacks, such as Nimda and Code Red, with Ubizen DMZ/Shield(tm) Enterprise. Ubizen (www.ubizen.com) is a public company with dual listings on Nasdaq Europe (UBIZ) and the Euronext (UBI) exchange.

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