Kaspersky Labs Opens Regional Office in France

Kaspersky Labs, an international data-security software developer, announces the expansion of its regional office network with the opening of an office in Sophia Antipolis, France.

The French market is one of Kaspersky Labs’ key areas of international activity, representing 20% of the company’s European operations. Kaspersky Labs focuses its efforts on delivering data-security solutions to small and medium sized businesses and home users. Therefore these are the precise market segments where the company has achieved its best results. According to recent research Kaspersky Labs products have acquired 12% of the French retail market. At the same time Kaspersky Labs business in the corporate market is developing well. An array of large commercial and governmental institutions have chosen Kaspersky Anti-Virus solutions, among which include AirBus, La Poste and Conseil General 92. Most Kaspersky Labs products have been translated into French and are distributed in France via a two-level partner network comprised of more than 100 companies.

“Our position on the French market has reached the level where continued effective business development requires the management provided by a regional office, said Helena Rambaud, Director Kaspersky Labs France. This approach significantly increases distribution network efficiency, helps ensure the realization of specific marketing initiatives and in general strengthens our position in France.”

The main goals of the newly opened office are: Firstly, to provide professional local technical support in French and in general to broaden the spectrum of available customer services. Secondly, to work towards preventing global and local virus outbreaks by helping French users neutralize virus threats. Thirdly, to research specific market demands and apply this information toward product development to completely satisfy French customer needs. Lastly, to perfect the partnership network by further assisting current partners and attracting new partners to ensure an increasing share of the French market.

The city of Sophia Antipolis is often referred to as the French Silicon Valley and is indeed one of Europe’s largest technology parks, bringing together more than 2000 IT-companies from 68 countries. Among which are IBM, Toshiba, HP, Alcatel Space, Philips, France Telecom, Texas Instruments. With the opening of this office, Kaspersky Labs becomes the first Anti-Virus software company to open a regional office in Sophia Antipolis.

“Currently Kaspersky Labs has regional offices in the United Kingdom, United States and Poland. The opening of this office in Sophia Antipolis is part of our global business development plan in key markets. We are confident that taking this step will help us provide French customers with high-quality products and services that fully meet their needs and more effectively fight the virus threat problem,” said Natalya Kaspersky, Kaspersky Labs CEO.

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