Network Associates Secures High-Speed Wireless Networks With Sniffer Wireless

Network Associates announced new security and management for high-speed wireless networks through its Sniffer Wireless solution. With new support for the 802.11a-based wireless LAN, Sniffer Wireless provides customers worldwide with the capability to efficiently secure, optimize and manage the performance and availability of their high-speed wireless infrastructures, around the clock, 24×7.

“As the proven leader in network availability and performance solutions, Sniffer Technologies was the obvious choice for optimizing and securing Avaya’s high-speed wireless network,” said Bob Flack, Corp. Systems Engineer at Avaya. “With Sniffer Wireless’ new 802.11a-based capabilities, Avaya will be able to leverage a reliable solution to safeguard their 802.11a-wireless network customer-base from rogue access points and unauthorized intruders, and boost performance, availability and productivity levels.”

“As high-speed wireless LAN communication becomes increasingly present in today’s organizations, security and performance of these WLANs becomes extremely critical in running their business and maintaining high productivity levels,” said Tony Fortunato, Senior Network Specialist at The Technology Firm. “Sniffer Wireless helps organizations of any size, across any industry maintain their wireless security and performance, whether it’s a 802.11a-based or 802.11b-based wireless network.”

Available today, Sniffer Wireless provides customers who want to effectively manage and secure their 802.11a-based wireless infrastructures with the capability to:

  • Spot Security Risks Real-Time – Sniffer Wireless provides expert automatic rogue detection of all types of wireless devices including mobile units, expediting detection of unauthorized wireless users and access points and helping in the prevention of potential security breaches.
  • Identify Network Problems Quickly – Sniffer Wireless provides automatic channel surfing and/or easy channel selection for a comprehensive view of total wireless connectivity, configuration and in-use radio frequency validations. Based on a wireless connection matrix diagram, administrators can easily find improper roaming configurations and overloaded access points. Sniffer Wireless also provides real-time and post-capture WEP decryption for troubleshooting at upper network layers. With real-time Wireless LAN Expert analysis, Sniffer Wireless has the capability to cite potential network issues in the radio frequencies as they occur and pinpoint problems for faster resolution.
  • Reduce Network Operating Costs – Sniffer Wireless provides network managers with valuable network statistics to effectively design, manage and fine-tune their wireless LAN. 802.11-specific connection matrix and host tables provide customers with a total view of all wireless devices, signal strength and current load information to assist in planning and deployment of their wireless LAN environment.

“As organizations increasingly deploy 802.11a-based wireless LANs to facilitate faster communication, increase throughput, and boost productivity, Sniffer Technologies knows that the security and availability of their high-speed wireless networks is critical to being competitive in the industry,” said Rich Van de Groenekan, product manager at Sniffer Technologies. “With Sniffer Wireless, customers now have a high-quality security and availability solution for managing and securing network applications, deployments and communication on their high-speed 802.11a-based wireless networks.”

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