New Generation of SME VPN Firewall Products

SnapGear Inc. has augmented their VPN Firewall gateway lineup with new security products developed expressly for the small-medium enterprise marketplace as the result of a unique collaboration announced earlier in the year.

President of SnapGear, Inc., Peter Cronk, travelled to Japan to meet Satoru Ito, Senior Corporate Officer, President and CEO of Semiconductor &
Integrated Circuits, Hitachi, Ltd. Ito said: “It is a very grave time in terms of Internet security with hostile threats on the increase. The union of our high-performance components and SnapGear’s security expertise were a logical choice. We are pleased that SnapGear is able to adapt so quickly to new market demands.”

Hitachi and SnapGear have been working together to develop next generation secure gateway appliances and reference designs that will enable network security and services for anyone connecting to the Internet, from home users to Fortune 500 companies. The relationship between Hitachi and SnapGear is set to deliver new designs that will solve the major security weaknesses that still can be found in today’s networks.

The new SnapGear SME products are based upon the Hitachi SuperH family of microprocessors and give the products unprecedented capabilities to address SME Internet access and security requirements. Designed and manufactured in only six months, the units represent the culmination of several years engineering research while remaining free of legacy technology performance and security constraints.

About the Snap Gear SME530 and SME550

The SnapGear SME5xx family, powered by the Hitachi SH-4 167MHz processor, allows SME/SMB companies to enjoy robust edge-network protection and privacy of communications. Designed to become the VPN/Firewall standard for the 21st century, the SME5xx family incorporates security and VPN features not found in any other products in the marketplace today such as providing both narrowband and broadband access, Intrusion Detection System, URL content-filtering option (up to 1000 users), stateful firewall, VPN (PPTP, IPSec, and dynamic VPN endpoints), no inbuilt user limitations, and lifetime firmware upgrades.

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