Serco Justice New Authorized Reseller Of Locksteps Leading Web Site Protection Solutions

Phoenix, Arizona USA, 12/12/2002 — Lockstep Systems, Inc. today announced that Serco Justice, one of the world’s largest outsourcing businesses, has become an authorized reseller in the United Kingdom for Lockstep’s award-winning WebAgain and SiteRecorder products. Lockstep’s products allow Serco Justice to offer automatic repair of hacked web sites to customers in the private sector, as well as government agencies. Lockstep products protect web sites hosted on virtually any operating system or web server, using industry standard protocols.

This relationship marks a step forward in Serco Justice’s commitment to deliver innovative and quality data protection utilities to the European marketplace.

Brian Pennington, Business Unit Director of Serco’s IT Security Solutions business said “the Lockstep range is an important weapon in our customers armory as it provides protection against the defacement of its web sites as it could ultimately protects their reputation”.

“We are excited that Serco Justice, a company with such an outstanding reputation for customer service and commitment, will be representing Lockstep products in the United Kingdom,” states Karl Forster, President of Lockstep Systems. “Our software utilities are a natural extension of the products and services currently offered by Serco Group.” The Lockstep WebAgain product automatically detects and repairs unauthorized changes to a web site, using a unique, patent-pending process. Altered website content is quarantined for further review and appropriate people are automatically notified when unauthorized changes and the resulting fixes occur.

The Lockstep SiteRecorder product builds a complete audit trail and archive of all web site content changes, while alerting appropriate parties when such changes occur. This enables a website to be restored to precisely the configuration it was at a certain date and time of your choice, thus supporting corporate security, disaster recovery and auditing strategies. About Lockstep Systems, Inc. Lockstep Systems, Inc., a privately held corporation, was founded in 1999 to develop and market e-continuity software utilities designed to ensure the integrity and continuity of electronic data for Internet presence companies. Lockstep Systems, WebAgain and SiteRecorder are trademarks of Lockstep Systems, Inc.

About Serco Group plc. Serco is an international provider of management services to government and industry. The company covers a wide range of activities, from controlling satellites and operating secure computer networks for the European Space Agency, to managing and operating the Docklands Light Railway. The Company employs 37,000 staff in 37 countries.

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