Trend Micro Expands Enterprise Protection Strategy

Trend Micro announced the expansion of their Enterprise Protection Strategy (EPS) with the delivery of a range of new products, services and architectural enhancements to assist in the management of outbreaks across multiple points of the corporate network.

These products and services are designed to further address the challenges faced by IT Managers when dealing with virus outbreaks, from coordinating security policies across many different devices, platforms, and systems in different geographic locations to determining the overall effectiveness of current security investments and procedures.

EPS was launched in May 2002 in response to mixed threat viruses like NIMDA and Code Red. EPS is an industry-unique approach to addressing mixed-threat attacks based on the coordination of any Trend Micro products and services, and the expertise of TrendLabs, to address each stage of what the company has termed the outbreak lifecycle: outbreak prevention, virus response, and assessment and restoration.

Dan MacDonald, vice president, Nokia Internet Communications said: “Trend Micro has a proven ability to proactively prevent and rapidly respond to malicious code outbreaks. Customers of the newly announced Nokia Message Protector, a secure content management offering, which tightly integrates Trend Micro antivirus technologies, can look forward to benefiting from Trend Micro’s innovative and comprehensive Enterprise Protection Strategy.”

Trend Micro also did the following:

  • They have expanded their Outbreak Prevention Services to include their products residing at all critical points of the network and include support for Solaris, Linux, and Windows.
  • They introduced the Outbreak Prevention Services support for NetScreen-Global PRO, enabling Trend Micro to deploy outbreak prevention policies to firewall administrators who use the Netscreen-Global PRO management console that enables policy deployment to NetScreen devices.
  • They also extended the Virus Response Service Level Agreement (SLA) on a stand-alone basis to all customers who purchase any Trend Micro product.


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