White Hat Security “Hacking Web Applications” Training

White Hat Security announced a two day training session, dealing with topics related to hacking Web applications. The course, that will be held on April 7/8 in Santa Clara Convention Center, is meant for system and network administrators, corporate security personnel, security auditors, consultants and web application developers concerned with web security. Jeremiah Grossman, CEO of WhiteHat Security, Inc. and Former Yahoo! Information security officer and Bill Pennington, Senior Information Security Engineer of WhiteHat Security, Inc., will be the trainers.

Topics that will be covered in this training include: Profiling Web Applications, Finger Printing Web Servers, Mapping Application Flow, Technical Vulnerabilities (Cross Site Scripting, URL Manipulation Attacks, CGI Parameter Tampering, SQL Injection Attacks, Session Attacks and Cookie Manipulation) and Assessment Techniques (Bypassing Javascript filters, Manipulating hidden form fields, URL Manipulation, CGI Parameter Tampering, HTTP Request Header Manipulation, HTTP Request Method Manipulation, Automated Testing Techniques and Using Open Source Testing Tools).

More information on the training and registration can be found on WHS’ Web Security Training site.

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