Cinea Selects SafeNet’s SafeXcel 241-PCI Card to Secure High Value Digital Video Content

BALTIMORE, MD – March 31, 2003 – SafeNet (Nasdaq: SFNT), a leading provider of private and public network security solutions who has set the industry standard for VPN technology and secure business communications, today announced that Cinea, Inc., a leading provider of security solutions for digital video content, has selected SafeNet’s SafeXcelâ„? 241-PCI card to integrate into their security products and services to secure high-value video content for the Digital Cinema industry and other high-value entertainment content.

“The SafeXcel 241-PCI card plugs into Cinea’s closed-loop security solution to enable point-to-point secured communications and to protect digital movies,” said Anthony Caputo, Chairman, and CEO of SafeNet. “It allows Cinea to stream encrypted content at speeds of 100 Mbps or greater, and design custom software within the secure hardware. This is one further example of how extensively SafeNet technology can be used across several market segments.”

Cinea’s service offering is built on a hardware-based, closed loop security system. Cinea chose SafeXcel 241-PCI card for its embedded encryption solution based on its high performance and high level of flexibility that allowed them to tailor the security system to meet specific security needs.

“SafeNet’s SafeXcel 241-PCI card allows us to meet our security application rules so that we provide a hardware-based solution in which the keys and content are never in the clear outside of our secure hardware,” said Jeff Segal, Chief Technology Officer of Cinea. “This is critical to providing the level of security required by movie studios to allow them to distribute their content electronically. SafeNet brings to the market a high quality, high speed, hardware-based, cryptographic engine that allows customers to tailor the product to meet their security needs.”

Based on the SafeXcelâ„?-2141 chip, the SafeXcel 241-PCI card offers strong Triple-DES IPSec transform at OC-3 (155 Mbps) rates. It enables customers to design and develop equipment for VPNs or other applications with very high throughput of encrypted and authenticated data, and set up security association required to establish an exchange of encrypted data.

About SafeNet, Inc.
SafeNet, Inc. (Nasdaq: SFNT), a leading provider of private and public network security solutions, has set the industry standard for virtual private network (VPN) technology and secure business communications and offers the only encryption platform to meet your security needs. With more than 19 years experience in developing, deploying, and managing network security systems for the most security-conscious government, financial institutions and large enterprise organizations around the world, SafeNet’s proven technology has emerged as the de facto industry standard for VPNs. SafeNet is the single-source vendor for WAN and VPN security solutions teamed with an easy and low-cost migration path to a broad range of VPN products. SafeNet security solutions, based on SecureIP Technologyâ„?, and part of the CGX Security Platform, have become the products of choice for leading Internet infrastructure manufacturers, service providers, and security vendors. With SafeNet securing the infrastructure of today’s e-business communications as well as leading the way in government Homeland and classified data security, the company has opened new markets for interoperable, secure, and deployable VPN communications. Commercial customers include Texas Instruments, Microsoft, Samsung, Centillium Communications, ARM, and Cisco Systems. Government, financial, and large enterprise customers include Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Postal Service, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Internal Revenue Service, Social Security Administration, MBNA, American Express, Bank of America, Eastman Kodak, Hewlett-Packard, and Motorola. For more information, visit

About Cinea, Inc.
Cinea is a leading provider of anti-piracy technologies for the entertainment industry. The Company has developed an integrated set of hardware-based security solutions that provides the most robust digital video content protection available today, including encryption, key management, business rule enforcement, fingerprinting and secure logging and auditing. The Company’s customers include most of the major film studios as well as Fortune 500 technology providers in the entertainment industry.

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