Ubizen and Saudi Telecom Open Doors to New Security Operations Center

Ubizen and STC Complete Ambitious Industry-first Project in Under 10 Months

Ubizen, the principal provider of Managed Security Solutions (MSS) for global businesses and Saudi Telecom, the Kingdom’s forward looking telecommunications company, has announced that the Company’s first Security Operations Center (SOC) has successfully gone into operation. Officially launched on March 8, the SOC is based on Ubizen’s state-of-the art SOC standards and is fully supported by Ubizen OnlineGuardian(r) technology. Ubizen designed and built the SOC to manage and monitor Saudi Telecom’s full-spectrum of security devices, ranging from firewalls to policy management probes, authentication servers and network intrusion probes.

“Saudi Telecom is continually working to build effective relations with our customers, and part of our responsibility as we do this is to ensure their personal information is secure. That is why we are delighted with the quick and smooth implementation of this project,” said Mr. Sami M.J. Mulla, Information Security General Manager at Saudi Telecom. “Ubizen was selected for the project to deliver a world-class Security Operation Center, based on the best and latest technology available, ensuring our customers receive accessible, efficient service with the security and service they need. Training and knowledge transfer ensures Saudi Telecom is able to manage the security of our eBusiness activities, and the 20 people trained, are just another way we as a company are honoring our social responsibility by building the skills and knowledge of Saudis.”

Under the turnkey project, Ubizen has licensed its proprietary SEAM(r) (State & Event Analysis Machine) Technology to STC, to track and analyse security events throughout their network. Ubizen has further provided STC with the SOC design and build-out, infrastructure requirements, security policies & procedures and assistance in the recruiting and training of qualified personnel. Ubizen continues to provide Saudi Telecoms’ Security Operations, expert services and Security Intelligence Lab (SIL) services, necessary to maintain its security posture. Furthermore, the SOC has provisions to integrate other security devices and other Ubizen Managed Security Services, such as Certificate Management and Host Intrusion Detection to deliver a comprehensive security risk management program. For more information on SEAM, Ubizen and its MSS offering, visit www.Ubizen.com.

According to Stijn Bijnens, CEO of Ubizen, the successful delivery of Saudi Telecom’s Security Operations Center is a clear demonstration of Ubizen’s ability to execute its offering on a global scale. “Saudi Telecom’s rigorous security requirements made the Ubizen solution the logical choice,” explained Bijnens. “Ubizen OnlineGuardian services’ technical architecture, combined with our expertise and know-how in running large-scale Managed Security Services, enabled Ubizen to replicate the complex set-up of a Security Operations Center. We are now uniquely positioned as a worldwide supplier of SOCs to large organizations, in finance, government, defence and telecommunications.”

About Saudi Telecom
Saudi Telecom is a forward looking, customer-focused company delivering a range of telecommunications products and service to over nine million customers throughout the Kingdom. Since its privatisation in 1998, the company, as part of its work to deliver the products and service its customers need, has delivered impressive network capacity growth in fixed (Telephone, data and internet back-bone) and mobile areas. The company’s work today is delivering a better telecommunications tomorrow.

About Ubizen
Ubizen(r) is the principal provider of Managed Security Solutions for global businesses. Companies rely on Ubizen OnlineGuardian(r) services to manage, monitor and support security devices 24x7x365. Ubizen’s Professional Services complement Ubizen OnlineGuardian managed services, by helping enterprises plan and implement security policies and infrastructures. Ubizen is also pioneering solutions for Application Security. For more information visit www.ubizen.com.

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